Instructions to Save Power in your Hot Tub by Hot Tub Covers:


Hot tub Covers have one main feature that they share, which is the process of heating water to a predetermined temperature, and maintaining that temperature using the use of a flow-through heater. The spa heater uses the most energy of the components in the hot tub and is similar to kettles in terms of electricity usage. In order to lower costs it is essential to focus on preserving as much heat as we can.

Hot Tub Covers:

Hot Tub Covers:

It is a common theme repeatedly, a well-maintained the hot tub’s cover is crucial to keep heat at optimum levels and even a small scratch can make energy conservation more difficult. The insulation foam that has broken could cause a significant loss of heat because the seal of the insulation is broken. To stop this from happening, it is recommended that a lifter for hot tub covers is utilized. It is crucial to ensure that there are no people (specifically children) use the cover of the hot tub as an actual mattress!

The damaged vinyl could also result in an loss of heat, since once again the seal of the cover is perforated. These two issues result in the biggest problem when it comes to hot tub covers, water-logging. Read our previous article on this issue (For more information). Waterlogged or damaged hot tub covers has no R-value on the cover of the hot tub in order to save weight the cost of a new cover for your hot tub is advised. Visit the section on covers on our site to place an order for premium replacement (For More information).


Simple, but extremely effective. The hot tub’s panels aren’t losing more heat than an unclean hot tub cover but, if the hot tub is located in an area that is open and in constant conflict against elements, windbreaks may aid in conserving warmth and power. Special hot tub gazebos assist to keep heat in check, however an ordinary fence could accomplish the same task without the cost.

Hot Tub Control Settings:

We receive frequent calls from customers who want to know what the reason is for why their tub doesn’t have a heating, only to discover that it simply been switched to an Economy mode with no intent. While this is not a typical mistake, many are discovering that this could be useful in conserving energy and reducing costs.

In economy mode, you can set your hot tub’s temperature to be heated up for an exact time period, and even if the tub isn’t heating for a particular duration, it is kept in a lesser temperature, such as 21 degrees Celsius. Instead of keeping the temperature between 38deg and 40deg in normal mode and lower temperatures in economy mode, the lower temperature helps to conserve energy.

Air Jets, LED Lights and Air Blowers:

The items listed above are excellent additions to your hot tub whether you are dazzling your friends with LED lights, boosting the power of your jets by using air, or cooling down with an Air blower. These options give your hot tub a special look. Problems arise when the features are on even when the hot tub isn’t being used. LED lights use up a lot of electricity when they are on, and by just turning them off, you can reduce the use of PS’s! Air jets permit a little air infiltration into the water system.

This is a good thing, as it reduces the temperature of the water. the temperature of the water with time The only thing you need to do is ensure you switch the control of the air jets to off whenever the hot spa is not being used to prevent this from occurring. The same is true for air blowers. They can cool water very quickly when they are not used, therefore making sure the blower is turned off and not being used for unneeded purposes can help conserve energy.

Cartridge Filters:

Filters that have become clogged or worn-out can decrease circulation to the extent that pumps are damaged due to dry running. The efficiency of heater elements is decreased when flow of water is affected on a similar level. Fortunately, most systems, including Balboa control systems, come with “DR” and “LF” warnings to stop heating elements from being destroyed when water flows are reduced to a certain amount.

However , you need to make sure that the filters are checked regularly and cleaned, and if needed replaced. In doing this, the strain on your heater and pumps will be lessened, which makes your hot tub significantly more efficient. For more information on our high quality Pleats filters. For more information. To view our complete range of filters available ….For more information.

Thermal Blankets Floating:

Thermal Blankets Floating:
Thermal Blankets Floating:

If these items were moved from the market for pool covers to the hot tub market and then sold, many asked…Why didn’t we sell these products before? This is a valid question, because by putting a thermal cover over the surface of the hot tub’s water, you could earn an excellent return for such a tiny cost. The cover not only helps stop steam from exiting the hot tub and save you money, but it also prolongs the life of your spa cover by stopping chlorinated water from destroying your cover’s underside. It is a highly recommended purchase. For more information about the thermal blankets that we provide. For more information

I hope this article can assist you in saving money while enjoying your hot spa!