How to install and use the Chrome MetaMask extension

install and use the Chrome MetaMask extension
install and use the Chrome MetaMask extension

With the introduction of digital currencies, new tools and techniques came into existence to power the growth of cryptocurrencies. Several crypto wallets and exchanges entered the crypto market to ease investors in handling their crypto operations and funds. Some of them become popular while others failed to gain people’s trust and have an average number of users.

One such well-recognized wallet in the crypto market is MetaMask. The wallet is designed in a manner that is equally easy for those who prefer to work on mobile devices and computers/laptops. To ensure that none of their users face difficulty in using the wallet, it is kept simple with easy navigation. In addition to it, the wallet is available in the form of a mobile app and extension.

Well, you might be well aware of its mobile app but today, we will be discussing the MetaMask extension. If you too want to know about the wallet’s extension then be a companion in this read.

What is a MetaMask extension?

Talking about MetaMask is one of the most reliable and well-recognized crypto wallets. The wallet is distinct from the other crypto wallets on the grounds that it majorly works for the Ethereum and ETH-supported tokens, unlike the other crypto assets. Calling spade a spade, the wallet bridges the gap between the Ethereum interface and the user. One of the functions of the wallet apart from storing and managing the crypto funds is to inject web3 (a javascript library) in the namespace of each of your browsers.

This is just a briefing of the wallet. You might be now thinking of what the MetaMask extension is. Unlike a mobile app, an extension acts as an intermediary that connects the wallet and users operating through a computer/laptop. If you are a person who prefers to work through a web plugin, then you’ll need to get a supported extension first. To date, there are five supported browser extensions available for this wallet, and they are as follows:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Brave, and
  • Edge

Among all the above-listed ones, Chrome is the most popular and reliable extension for MetaMask. So, in this read, we will be covering the steps to install and use Chrome as a MetaMask extension. Let’s begin by understanding the complete process of installing the extension.

How to install a MetaMask extension?

The utmost steps here in using this crypto wallet is to first install a compatible browser that serves as a backbone in functioning the crypto activities. Here, we are picking Chrome for installation to perform the crypto operation. The steps to install it are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the official website of the MetaMask
  2. Click on the “Chrome” icon
  3. You will be then landed into the Google Web Store
  4. Tap on “Add to Chrome” over there
  5. Reconfirm the installation process by clicking on “Add Extension”
  6. Now, wait for a few minutes to get it installed on your operational device

Great!! The extension will then be installed on your device successfully and the same will be visible next to the search bar of your browser.

I am thinking of what’s next now.

Sit tight. We are here to guide you through the complete journey. Once the extension is installed successfully, the next step is to get started availing of its services. Check out the next section of the reader to know how to commence using it.

Steps to commence using the wallet

  1. Open the installed MetaMask extension and click on “Get Started”
  2. If you are using the wallet for the first time, hit on “Create a Wallet”, else tap on “Import Wallet”
  3. Decide to let the data be collected to improve the wallet. To give consent tap on “I Agree” or else hit on “No, Thanks”
  4. Now, create a new password for your account and agree to its “Terms Of Use”
  5. Hit on the lock symbol which says “Click Here To Reveal Secret Words”, and note down this phrase somewhere safe for future reference
  6. Pick out the boxes in a sequential manner to frame the secret words
  7. If done correctly, the “Confirm” tab will automatically turn blue, click on it
  8. On the next page, check out the tips to store it safely and then bang on “All Done”
  9. Follow the further prompted instructions to complete the process

Winding up!!

Follow the above-covered steps to get a MetaMask extension installed on your device successfully. The secret phrase holds the complete functioning of the wallet, so it is advisable to store it somewhere safe. If you ever get stuck in restoring the wallet, this phrase will help you.