Instagram Dark Mode on Android

Instagram Dark Mode on Android

If you are using an Android phone, you may want to enable the dark mode on your Instagram account. You can do this through the app’s settings menu, where you can switch between light and dark themes. You can also enable this mode on your operating system if it is set to automatically activate at sunrise and sunset. However, this mode may not always be enabled by default, and you must meet some requirements before it is activated.


The dark mode feature has two advantages. One is that you can view your feed in dim lighting conditions, while the other reduces eye strain. Another advantage is that it does not use bright colors, which can strain your eyes. Thus, the dark mode lets you focus on your tasks and lessen the tiredness of your eyes. While the dark mode is not a must-have, it is a very useful feature for Android users.

Another benefit of using Instagram in the dark mode is that it saves battery life. Unlike bright white lights that may damage your eyesight, it also makes the screen more comfortable to look at before bed. Instagram also has a dark mode on Android. The app mirrors the settings you choose on your phone. It changes the background of the app to black, and all the text becomes white. The dark mode will save battery, but you’ll need to update your app to use this feature.

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Instagram’s dark mode on Android

As you can see, Instagram’s dark mode on Android is very useful for Instagram users. It’s not only easier to use, but it’s also much easier to turn on compared to the dark mode on iPhones and Androids. But if you prefer the light version, you can disable the dark mode. However, if you like dark mode on your Android phone, you should also disable it. However, keep in mind that the dark mode is only available on Android.

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