In a shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, 3 children and 3 adults were killed.



Authorities in Nashville said that a shooting at a private Christian school claimed the lives of three youngsters and three adults.

Two cops shot and killed the shooter, who authorities identified as a white 28-year-old from the Nashville region. The shooter was first recognized as a woman by police, but a spokeswoman later claimed to Alexis Marshall of WPLN that the shooter was given the gender of a woman at birth and used the pronouns he/him.

The Covenant School is where the shooting took place. According to Nashville police spokesperson Don Aaron, the three dead youngsters were students, and the three dead adults were employees.

The victims were recognized by authorities on Monday afternoon:

  • Evelyn Dieckhaus, age 9
  • Hallie Scruggs, age 9
  • William Kinney, age 9
  • Cynthia Peak, age 61
  • Katherine Koonce, age 60
  • Mike Hill, age 61

According to the school’s website, Koonce oversaw operations.

At 10:13 am, the first call came through. As she moved from the first story to the second floor while firing multiple shots, the gunman “entered the school through a side entrance,” according to Aaron.

Nashville police published images of the scene on Monday night. According to police, the shooter broke a door’s glass to get inside the structure. While on the second floor, the shooter opened fire out of a window at approaching police cars.

Authorities claimed that the shooter was armed with two assault-style rifles and a pistol, and that the shooting occurred in a “lobby-type space” in the school’s upper section. By 10:27 a.m., the shooter had passed away, Aaron added. According to the authorities, two of those guns were legitimately purchased.

Authorities identified the shooter as a former pupil, but they did not provide any information regarding a possible motive. Police named the shooter as Nashville resident Audrey Hale on Monday afternoon. Hale didn’t have a criminal record.

Hale was armed with numerous rounds.

No less than five of the casualties were shipped to crisis divisions at Vanderbilt College Clinical Center. A representative for the medical clinic affirmed to NPR that three kids and two grown-ups shipped off the clinic had passed on.

Aaron said he didn’t know about some other discharge casualties from the shooting. He said an answering official had an injury from cut glass.

A reunification place for guardians and understudies was set up neighboring with emotional well-being experts accessible.

As per its site, The Pledge School is a non-public school related with the Contract Presbyterian Church serving understudies from preschool through 6th grade. On a normal day there would be around 209 understudies and 42 staff individuals at the school, Aaron said.

Mayor John Cooper said Nashville was joining the “dreaded, long list” of cities and towns that have suffered school shootings.

“My heart goes out to the families of the victims,” Cooper said. “Our entire city stands with you.”

Tennessee state Rep. Bob Freeman, whose district includes the school, said it was “an unimaginable tragedy for the victims, all the children, families, teachers, staff and my entire community. I live around the corner from Covenant and pass by it often. I have friends who attend both church and school there. I have also visited the church in the past. It tears my heart apart to see this,” WPLN reported.

State Sen. Jeff Yarbro, who represents Nashville, said on Twitter: “My heart breaks for the families at Covenant. As a parent, I both ache for them and rage with them that fear of this kind of tragedy is just accepted as just part of what it means to raise kids these days.”

President Biden called the Nashville shooting “sick” and “heartbreaking,” saying it was “a family’s worst nightmare.”

“We have to do more to stop gun violence. It’s ripping our communities apart, ripping at the very soul of our nation,” he said at the White House.

According to the national Gun Violence Archive website, there have been 130 mass shootings in the U.S. this year.