Impact of Recent NCERT Curriculum Changes on School Education: A Perspective from Schools near Vidyaranyapura

schools near vidyaranyapura
schools near vidyaranyapura


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) plays a significant role in shaping school education in India. Recently, NCERT introduced curriculum changes aimed at modernizing and enhancing the quality of education. This article explores the impact of these changes on schools near Vidyaranyapura, providing insights into the experiences and challenges faced by educators and students in adapting to the revised curriculum.

Impact on Teaching Methodologies and Approaches:

The recent NCERT curriculum changes have led to a paradigm shift in teaching methodologies and approaches. Educators near Vidyaranyapura are now encouraged to adopt more interactive and experiential methods, focusing on conceptual understanding and critical thinking. This shift has resulted in a more student-centered learning environment, fostering active participation and engagement in classrooms. Teachers have been provided with updated resource materials, making it easier for them to align their teaching practices with the new curriculum.

Challenges Faced by Teachers

While the revised NCERT curriculum has brought positive changes, it has also presented certain challenges for teachers near Vidyaranyapura. The transition to new teaching methodologies requires additional training and professional development opportunities to enhance pedagogical skills. Teachers need support in adapting their lesson plans, creating effective assessments, and integrating technology into their teaching practices. Moreover, the revised curriculum demands more time and effort for planning and preparation, especially in subjects where the syllabus has been expanded or modified.

Student Learning Outcomes

The impact of NCERT curriculum changes on student learning outcomes has been noteworthy in schools near Vidyaranyapura. The focus on conceptual understanding and critical thinking has facilitated deeper learning experiences for students. They are encouraged to explore and apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. The revised curriculum has also placed greater emphasis on practical and application-based learning, enabling students to develop a stronger grasp of concepts and their practical applications. However, it is essential to ensure that students are adequately supported during this transitional phase, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to cope with the increased academic demands.

Parental Perspectives

Parents of students attending schools near Vidyaranyapura have expressed mixed perspectives on the recent NCERT curriculum changes. While some appreciate the focus on holistic development and critical thinking skills, others have concerns about the increased workload and expectations on their children. Parents also seek a better understanding of the revised curriculum, its objectives, and how they can support their children at home. Schools play a vital role in bridging this communication gap, organizing parent-teacher meetings, and providing guidance on how parents can actively engage in their child’s education.


The recent NCERT curriculum changes have significantly impacted CBSE schools in bangalore, bringing about positive transformations in teaching methodologies and student learning outcomes. While these changes have been welcomed, they have also posed challenges for teachers and students, requiring support and resources for successful implementation. Collaboration between schools, parents, and the education authorities is crucial to address these challenges and ensure a smooth transition. With continued efforts, schools near Vidyaranyapura can harness the potential of the revised NCERT curriculum to provide quality education and prepare students for the dynamic challenges of the future.