How To Write Great Content For Guest Post

Guest Posting Websites

Craft a Stellar Content With Headline

Begin by looking at the headlines in your pitch. Even if the owner of the website was a fan, it doesn’t harm to brainstorm an alternative. The best headlines are:

  • Include the benefit to the reader.
  • Use action words
  • Tap into emotion

We employ headlines similar to those featured on the OptinMonster blog and our readers are raving about these headlines! Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating headlines that are great that will help perfect your own.

Research Keyword Phrases

Website owners will be thrilled when your guest content is ranked well on search engines, and also drives visitors to their website. Just like you make for the content you write, do an extensive keyword search to identify some key phrases that you can optimize your content.

Effective keyword use (not over-stuffing) helps search engines understand that the content is relevant and helps search engines discover it, and you. Check out our complete search engine optimization guide to help you in this.

Link Appropriately

In the ideal scenario, your guest post should be able to boast an excellent link profile that helps with SEO and creates credibility. It is important to include relevant external and internal hyperlinks in the guest post you write.

In the text, you should link to valuable content from the site that you’re writing on and other useful resources from external websites. This will give your article a strong link profile, which is beneficial for SEO and building credibility.

You must adhere to the guidelines for linking set out by the site’s owners. You’ll notice when we reach your bio page, there are some that are strict about linking such as NoFollow or DoFollow Guest Post Website.

Include Images

Finding the right images isn’t easy and, unless the site’s owners prefer to do it themselves, assist them by suggesting or including suitable images for your guest blog. They will highlight your key elements and break up the text, making it easy for your readers to read. To get quality images to use in the guest blog strategy you are using, check out the following guide for free images on sites.

Format the Post Correctly

Last but not least, format the content to match other posts on the website. Note how they utilize subheadings and capitalization, bold text and lists. The less work you’ll leave for the site’s owners to make your guest post more popular, the better off you’ll become. Certain sites offer guidelines for guest bloggers and in this instance all you have to do is follow the guidelines.

Be Responsive

We’ll keep this next guest blogging advice short and sweet Be sure to respond to comments and mentions of your blog post.

Why? It’s not only because it’s good manners although that’s an excellent reason. It’s because being responsive is the way to create connections with your brand new audiences, which will aid in meeting certain goals you have set for yourself.

The owners of blogs will be delighted by your responsiveness, which makes it more likely that they’ll be open to new ideas and will offer suggestions for ways to help. This will help you get closer to achieving the goals of your guest blog strategy.

If the blogger owner permits the blog owner to allow it, subscribe to comments on your guest blog post, and you’ll be notified by email each time someone makes a comment. You can also monitor the number of shares and mentions on your article via an Google notification.

Promote Your Content

Promotion of content is an essential component in your strategy for guest blogs to ensure that more readers read your blog and return to your website. The site’s owner will benefit from the increased traffic, too.

Guest blogging can be promoted as content through the same channels that you utilize for promoting your content. For instance, you can inform your subscribers about the guest blog via your marketing email newsletter and then share guest posts through social channels. Inspire your followers and subscribers to comment, visit and share. Some will be more than happy to help.

If you’re using Buffer to promote content, Buffer then add the content into your queue. You can also launch an email marketing drip campaign by adding your guest blog post to Missinglettr, if you have the proper strategy.

To do this, sign into your account and then click on Add blog post button. Add new blog entry button.

Enter the URL for the post and then press next.

The website will offer the possibility of creating an drip program. Your guest blog will be distributed at regular intervals throughout the year.

Also, be sure to make sure to mention and link to the content of your guest posts whenever you can whether in your posts on your blog as well as on guest posts that you have written and guest posts, which brings you to our next step…

Write More Guest Posts

While a single guest post may aid you in achieving your goals but for maximum success, you will need to write several and find the best guest posting websites like Snap Toad. With a well-planned blog strategy for guest bloggers, you can write more, provided that you maintain the level of quality in your guest blog posts.

The more blog posts you publish the more online presence you’re able to have as well as the greater number of people will think of your authority. This results in more invitations to write or take part in events, more visitors to your website, as well as more sales and leads.

Of course, if writing lots of guest blog posts, then you’ll require a method to track the guest posts. This is why it’s logical to create an event calendar for guest bloggers.

A simple way to accomplish it is create a brand new calendar using Google Calendar and add the names and due dates of any blog posting commitments of guest bloggers.

If you write for several publications frequently and you’re using color-coding, it’s a great way to provide an easy way to see the upcoming posts for whom. You could even take note of when the posts are scheduled to go live (adding them with an alternate color obviously) in order to get the social media marketing into full gear.