How to watch any game on TV and online this season


We provide you with all the details regarding the channels where you can watch any match this 2020/21 season and the best offers from each operator to rent them. Watch any game this season

Television football is increasingly limited to pay-TV channels owned by major internet operators or production companies that own the rights to broadcast competitions.

You’ll only be able to watch the entire 2021-2022 series if you’ve signed up for one of Movistar’s or Orange’s rates, as only these two companies have the TV rights to broadcast the game. Watch the match live on TV

Enjoying football on TV from the lazy chair

At home, you can do so through smart TV apps from 스포츠중계 companies or streaming networks that have replay rights. TV offers for watching football will vary depending on the company you choose, this section will list the best offers from each company so you don’t miss a single game.

Watch the match live with Movistar

With Movistar+ you have to take one of the Movistar Fusion plans including the channels you want to watch the match or you can add a subscription: Fusion Selection Elegan and Champions, Fusion Selection Plus and Fusion Total Plus :If you want to enjoy more, offer the match on Movistar . . . . You can’t just contract for the tire, you have to contract it with the same value and with the tire included in the price.

Movistar’s broadcast channels are Movistar Alley

Movistar Champions League (choose 50) and Canal Vamps. Even if you play multiple games at the same time, channels will open in closer view modes, allowing you to watch the game you want.

Watch the game live against the Orange

Orange is another company where you can watch the entire game on TV with Movistar. Unlike Vodafone, the Orange operator did acquire the rights to the Champions League 해외축구중계 and your product catalog is also competitive.

The Orange TV Total Package includes Football on Orange and can be subscribed to one of the company’s friendly rates. The final price is the total cost of internet, telephone and television services as well as football. The Orange will see the Santander league next season if it becomes the third bidder. So far, Orange Telecom has signed an agreement with Movistar to offer the Combo of Lima and Champions with its Total TV in the same year. Let’s not forget that Telefonik is required by the CNMC (National Markets and Competition Commission) to negotiate with operators and share their rights, and you can expect Orange to try to protect their tire claim next year. For the League to be fully contracted, of course, an agreement would have to be reached with Dazn as well.

If this means more operators will come into play. For example, currently, Yogi, Virgin Telco, Uskaltel, AR Cable and Electable are offering three-month subscriptions to Darn.

If prices are raised with Movistar’s football plans

As a result of negotiations with Dazen to broadcast all games, either investing in a better game will result in an increased share of Dazen or if new packages will be created to acquire the league. Currently, the operator has announced a €3 increase (i.e. from €9.99 to €12.99), but there may be further increases for the new season. League 2021/2022 TV Ratings

The rest of the season,

Movistar has the TV rights to introduce Leela in 2021/2022. The company also holds the rights to the Champions League and Europa League until the 2023/2024 season. In addition to the subsidiary, Orange has signed agreements to sell league and Champions League contract channels.

The exclusivity of seeing Leela, however, was noticed by the push from the streaming platforms for both companies , who have met discounts from their best deals throughout football. At Celeste, we’ve explained how to watch the Spanish league at the cheapest and most comprehensive rate if you also want to watch the Champions League using our web, TV and mobile rate comparator.