How to upload your existing YouTube videos in 4 easy steps


YouTube is one of the most popular sites for uploading videos online. YouTube is powerful, free, and a great place to showcase your assets. Some of the travel videos that people post get millions of views. Some have even made it to top television shows.

It is a four-step tutorial that walks

You through creating a YouTube account, recording videos, uploading them to YouTube, and editing YouTube videos.

Step 1: Create a YouTube account

Go to and click on the “Create an account” link in the top right corner.

Enter the data and click the “Agree” button.

Now you need to login to Google account – Gmail email id and appropriate password. You can create a new Google Account by filling in the details on the right.

To quickly customize your YouTube channel, click “Customize Your Channel Page” and then tap “Settings”.

Enter a name and logo for the site and click Save Changes. Your YouTube channel is ready for videos!

Step 2 – plan to shoot

To create YouTube videos, you need a digital video camera and a PC or Mac. The video can be in HD format, but we recommend “MPEG4 (Diva, Avid) 640 x 480 and Youtube to MP3 Converter audio”, which is preferred by YouTube. Open your camcorder settings and set the resolution to “640 X 460”, the video format to MPEG4, Diva or Avid, and the audio format to MP3.

Now you are ready to shoot! Before you start, make sure the cars are in good shape and plan your trip with a little plan.

YouTube allows videos up to 10 minutes long, so plan to upload a short 8-10 minute video.

Finally, make sure there is enough light for the photo. If necessary, use the camera flash to illuminate the subject.

Step 3 – driving the car

Turn off the camera and start recording. Make it a camcorder tour and talk like a customer. Keep your system neutral in nature.

Step 4 – Download the video

Once you’re done taking photos, watch the action on camera or switch to PC/Mac by following the camera instructions. Some basic effects can be created using the software that comes with your PC (Windows Movie Maker) and Mac (iMovie).

When you’re done, log in to the YouTube account you created earlier and click Upload. In the new window, click the “Upload Video” button.

Find and select the video, then click “Open” – the video should load immediately.

Now add a description to your video, add a tag (think theme), select cars and trucks as a category, set private and public and click save changes. To view the uploaded video, copy the URL under the sharing option in a new window.

Easy and effective way to make money on YouTube

The mentioned method is one of the easiest ways I know to make money on YouTube. You may begin to see results a few days after the procedure. But this method is not only a way to earn money with the click of a button on YouTube, but the money starts flowing into your bank account. The good news is that the task you need to make money on YouTube is so simple that even a beginner can complete it without much effort. As always with online marketing strategies, don’t be afraid to add your own twist as you can make a difference this way.

This method isn’t the best, but it’s tried and tested – the key is to just find the relevant video on the first page by searching for “signature + update”. Then our goal is to just hack our standard video.

Find something you want to promote:

This could be a Click bank news item or any other type of product you might find in an affiliate program. If we want to make money on YouTube, the most important thing is that the product actually sells. Conduct keyword research: We need to focus on the buyer’s keywords because our marketing task is much easier if your prospect is already in a buying mood – like:

Item name + chapter

Object name + review

Buy + product name

Branding + Fraud (usually Click bank messages are more effective than selling products)

To make money on YouTube, it’s best to focus only on keywords that have at least 300 positive searches per month, which you can find in the Google Keyword Tool. The ranking is based on keyword competition – 150 minutes per month of local search is the minimum to make money on YouTube if there is no competition.