How to Style Women’s Slide Sandals this Summer


Do you recall the rubber slippers you used to wear at home while you were in high school to relax? Yes, the similar ones that your mother forbids you from wearing outside the home. In fact, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in public! Surprisingly, womens slide sandals appear to be the most popular slippers for spring and summer. Wearing them outside has created unique patterns that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Nowadays, you can now find them in every shoe store and on most girls’ feet.

Why are Women’s Sliders the Most Popular Footwear Style?

Sliders are essentially a pair of rubber flip flops with a large strap across the front half of the foot. However, this sandal type has come out from the rubber; the famous brand Fendi has launched furry slides that steal the hearts of fashionistas. In terms of fashion slides, various brands’ slide sandals appear to be sweeping the internet since they are the most searched on Google. Some people believe that the slides are highly comfortable, feasible to wear, and allow the air to pass in summer. They are the most comfortable summer sandals for women in the hot season. All of this is correct. Moreover, they are embraced by a large number of celebrities.

Tips to Style Them Perfectly 

1: Go Like Rihanna Style 

We know Rihanna likes these well-fitflops because she collaborated with Puma to produce the Rihanna collection, sometimes known as “slides with a bow.” She then decided to step it up a notch by wearing women’s slides with tracksuits & night suits. 

2: Think like Gigi Hadid

Gigi wore white slides to the Heart Radio Much Music Video Awards, which she teamed with a white slip dress! She changed the world’s perception of slide shoes from “what are slide shoes” to “where can I buy slide shoes.” If Gigi Hadid is wearing them, you can be sure that fuzzy slides are on-trend. She’s not only a fan of warm boots for women but also adores wearing the same black slides on repeat. 

3: With Almost All of Hailey’s Casual Dresses

She is the one who sets the footwear trends based on the styles of footwear she has worn in the past. If she’s opting for sliders this summer, many of her fans opt for them as well. During a night out with friends, she wore these summer slide sandals with a tank top, shorts, and a lemon yellow coat. What a way to be stylishly casual!

4: Glam up Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie has been photographed not only in comfortable boots for women but also in slides numerous times, and we think she always looks beautiful. She’s been seen wearing black tights and a sweatshirt with slides, and pink slides for her baby shower — she obviously has a collection. In fact, she captioned a photo of silver and black studded sliders “Easter Slides” on her Instagram page. What good are slides if they haven’t been shared on social media?

5: Go Funky Like Zendaya

Zendaya has been dubbed “fashion fearless” by Micheal Kors. She is currently a highly talked-about actress in Hollywood, noted for her performance and outstanding attitude. This gives us confidence in her fashion judgment, which is why we adored her airport ensemble, which consisted of an Ivy Park hoodie and black fashion summer slide sandals.

Now you have plenty of good ideas to style with slide sandals.