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How to source the latest news online from the world of Badminton?

Badminton is a popular sport with a large fan following around the world. It is one of those sports that require high energy levels and stamina like lawn tennis. Badminton players train hard to compete in international tournaments. Badminton lovers want to keep themselves updated about the game through print, internet, and electronic media to get a hold of the sport and to learn more about it.

To have a better understanding of badminton as a sport, reading the current news about the world of badminton is crucial to enjoy the sport and place your bets on badminton matches scheduled worldwide.

Listed below are a few sports websites that keep you updated about the latest badminton news and happenings from the world of badminton:


SportsCafe.in is the ultimate website for sports news today offering the latest news and updates from the world of badminton. The interface of the website is user-friendly and enables you to source detailed information about badminton tournaments, schedules, venues, and players’ profiles. The site has all the information you will ever need about badminton-related things.


Masterbadminton.com is a popular site to source info related to the sport of badminton. Here you can find things like techniques for playing badminton, rules, and advanced skills guides.


ShuttleSmash.com is a new blog site offering info on badminton online and is updated regularly. The site offers plenty of articles on tactics, strategies, equipment, and badminton news, etc. The site also features relevant videos to understand the techniques of the game better.

Badminton Central

Badminton Central is a forum of the global community of badminton enthusiasts. Being online for many years, Badminton Central has successfully created a large community of badminton lovers who visit the site regularly to interact with the members. The community exchanges unbiased opinions and reviews on the latest happenings in the world of badminton. The site provides useful info about beginner guides and equipment comparisons etc.


Started as a blog in 2003 for badminton fans, Badzine is a great source to get the latest badminton news. The site offers the right exposure to the sport it deserves and the blog is regularly updated with the recent happenings in the badminton circuit.


Started by a Malaysian badminton fan, Badminton-information.com offers content related to the game simply. Here you will find tips for beginners, basic things about badminton, playing tactics, and the mental aspect of the game.

NDTV Sports 

NDTV Sports is another good website to stay on top of the latest badminton news from sports news today. The site features articles on top international badminton players, match analysis, and the latest news coverage posted regularly on this website. The website is popular with badminton fans in India and overseas.




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