How to Sell a Used Car in Kerala?


Are you planning to sell your car? The arrival of reliable second-hand car dealers has simplified the process to sell used cars in Kerala. Nowadays, you can easily connect with them, sell the cars to the dealer and get the best price for your car. Even some of the dealers offer exchange deals for pre-owned cars.

You are at the right place if you are looking for procedures to sell cars in Kerala. Go through this article, identify the most suitable method, and go ahead confidently.

Options to Sell Used Cars in Kerala

We have handpicked a few ideal methodologies that you can consider for selling your car. Those are:

1.  Sell the Car in Kerala to a Trusted Used Car Dealer

The simplest of them all for selling cars in Kerala is to approach a trusted used car dealership in the state. You do not have to bother about anything regarding the car once you sell the car to them. The professionals at the dealership would also undertake the mandatory ownership transfer formalities and all. The seller, you, can remain unconcerned about those. Nonetheless, at least a few car dealers charge a commission for the cars. This can make a cut in your profit. Discuss everything in detail before selling the car to an authorized second-hand car seller.

2.  Publicising through Social Media and Other Online Sources

Social media and online channels have an unparalleled reach. The extensive digitization and the availability of low-cost data have changed the global scenario completely. You can advertise and publicize your offer to sell cars in Kerala through these sources. It is sure to get you countless queries and purchase proposals. The major disadvantage is that you may have to negotiate to get the right price for your used car in Kerala. The buyers will go down in the case of a car with a failed model or a car having low demand in the market. Further, you will have to undertake all the vehicle transfer formalities yourself.

3.  Advertisement in the Newspaper

Advertising in the local newspaper is an old method, unpopular nowadays. You will have to spend money for placing the ad. Moreover, the number of buyers you can expect is relatively low. Even though the advertising in the newspaper option is there, we will not suggest this to sell cars in Kerala. As in the case of social media ads, the seller must carry out all the official formalities in this case as well.

4.  Selling the Car to Friends or Relatives

Get the word out regarding your plan to sell a car. There might be someone among the relatives or friends, who is willing to buy the car. However, you may not expect the best (or right) price for the car when you sell it to a person known to you. They would expect you to reduce the price considering the relation with them.

Considering all these options, we believe that option 1, sale to car dealers, is the best one for selling cars in Kerala.

Step-wise Process for Seluseling Used Cars in Kerala

Everyone aims to get the best price when he or she sells used cars in Kerala or any other state. You can fetch an optimal profit if you prepare the car properly and find the right buyer.

1.  Get the Car Ready

Think what would be your reaction if you are offered a dirty or ill-maintained used car in Kerala. You may either reject it or reduce the price. Similarly, you must get the car ready for sale before reaching out to potential buyers. Undertake comprehensive servicing, including cleaning. Repainting and replacing worn-out tires are also preferable.

2.  Update all the Documents

Every car buyer would examine the documents before buying a used car. Their first concern is confirmation of the authenticity of documents. As there are several fake sellers out there. Renew insurance and PUC if due. Battery warranty card (if available) and car manual also be kept along with the RC book, insurance, and PUC.

3.  Finalize the Price

Different car sellers quote different prices for the same model. The price you ask for a used car in Kerala should be neither exorbitant nor cheap. We can suggest you a method for getting to know the market price of different models. You may consult sellers if you are looking to buy a specific car model. Enquiring online sellers and car dealers will give you a clear insight into the price range.

4.  Identify Prospective Buyers

Not everyone calling or contacting you is genuine. You need to verify them and identify the potential buyers. Choose the one who offers the right price, according to you, for selling the car in Kerala. Finalize the deal after discussing the final price and other subtleties regarding the car.

5.  Post-sale Process

Completing the documentation and vehicle transfer formalities is the owner’s responsibility. Do undertake the same before handing over the car. Nevertheless, avoid signing the deal before you receive the complete amount.

The Tail End

It has become a popular option to sell cars in Kerala to trusted used car dealers. They would not only offer the best price but also undertake all the official formalities for the sales by themselves. As a seller, you are relieved from all the paperwork.

You can contact us if you are looking to sell a car in Kerala. We would be happy to help you.