How to See Archived Messages on Facebook?

how to find archived messages on facebook

Facebook has multiple features that allow people to use the application in different ways. There are many people who often want to remove a chat from their Facebook accounts however, they do not want to delete the same and if this is the case then, people archive the chats that they want to remove. 

But, the main issue comes after you have archived the chat as there are many people who are not familiar with the process of how to find archived messages on Facebook hence, if you are looking for the same then, you can easily use the guide it know the same. 

Reasons to Do Archived Messages on Your Messenger App

If you are an old messenger user then there will be many chats in your messenger app definitely. Sometimes, you have to think about deleting your chats or conversation to manage your app. But there can be some important discussions or chats that you can not remove. In this case, Messenger provides your archive chats option in which you can hide your chats in the app by doing this, the chats will remove from the inbox but get safely hidden in the app. The most noticeable thing is you can see your archived chats whenever you want.

How can you see Archived Messages or chats on Facebook?

You need to use the commands that we are giving here in the same order if you want to know how to view archived messages on Facebook

On iPhone:

  1. You need to open your Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone.
  2. Log into your account by entering the login credentials
  3. Then go to the profile by clicking on the profile picture.
  4. Now, scroll down and choose the option of “Archived Chats”
  5. There, you will see all your archived chats.

On Android Phone:

  1. Open the Facebook application or Facebook Messenger on your mobile application and then, click on your profile picture to open the side menu. 
  2. Once you have opened the side menu, you will see the Archived Chats option in the list. 
  3. Tap on the same option and you will get a list of all the messages that you have archived in your Facebook account. 
  4. There are different features to manage your archived chats like deleting them or unarchiving them. 

On the Website: 

  1. Open Facebook Messenger on your browser and log into your account.
  2. There you need to click on the circle with three dots on the upper of the search bar.
  3. Then select “Archived Chats” from the drop-down menu
  4. You will redirect to the chats that you have archived before.

Unarchive the chats

Unarchiving the chats has also an easy method. 

Unarchive chats on your phone: You can unarchive the chats on your phone by long-press the on conversation. Then choose the “Unarchive chats” from the conversation

Unarchive chats on your desktop: Hover your mouse on the archive chats and click on the three dots. Then select “Unarchive Chtas”

I am sure that you now know what does archive mean on Messenger and the correct process to find the chats that you have archived in your Facebook account.