How to protect your children on playgrounds


Every parent should actively watch their children on the playground. It won’t be difficult – they still bother you watching them as they climb, jump and swing. Discover the playgrounds where your children play. Look for hazards such as rusted or damaged racks and hazardous surfaces. Report all hazards to the school or local authority as the playground directs.

Teach children that it can be dangerous to push, sniff or jump on the playground.

Dress them appropriately on the playground. Remove necklaces, bags, scarves, or clothing with tacks that could catch on toy strings and suffocate the child. Helmets can also be dangerous on the playground, so keep them on bikes.

Small children play differently than older children.

It is important that nursing babies have a separate play area and especially for children under five. Make sure children use play areas appropriate for their age. Choose the right  꽁머니  according to the age of your child. There should be separate, well-maintained play areas for children under five.

For children who are learning to walk, the play area should have smooth, easy-to-walk surfaces. If your baby is good enough to hold their head up and can stand with support (usually around 9 months old), try baby cheeks (bucket-shaped).

Make sure there are safe surfaces under and around the footrests, avoid playgrounds with non-cushioning surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt or gravel. Recommended surfacing materials include: sand, pearl stone, wood chips, bedding materials, and rubber flooring. Rubber mats, synthetic turf and other artificial materials are also safe surfaces and require less maintenance.

The surfacing material should be at least 36cm deep

And extend at least 2 meters in all directions around the pads. Depending on the height of the racks, the surface can be made to exceed 2 meters.

For swings, make sure the surfaces at the front and back extend twice the height of the rock. So if the top of the swing is 3 meters high, the surface must reach 3 meters. Ensure play areas are inspected and maintained by qualified personnel Check the school and kindergarten to make sure they have century-old playgrounds with well-maintained playgrounds.