How to Prepare For the Microsoft PL-100 Exam


How to Prepare For the Microsoft PL-100 Exam

Are you interested in a career involving Microsoft Power Platform? The PL-100 certification exam from Microsoft is an excellent starting point if you want to pursue a career in Power Platform.

The Microsoft PL-100 certification is essential for any IT professional who wants to establish a strong foundation in Power Platform technology. Bypassing the PL-100 exam, you can obtain the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification, which enhances your job prospects and adds value to your resume.

Microsoft offers certifications and professional services in Power Platform with the aim of empowering individuals and organizations. Microsoft also ensures that IT professionals maintain their skills to stay competitive in the global market.

By enrolling in a training program like My Computer Career, you can take advantage of the benefits provided by Power Platform certifications. To ensure you are well-prepared for the exam, we offer Power Platform App Maker training along with basic and advanced IT credentials.

Now, let’s explore how you can start preparing for the PL-100 exam. You can utilize the information and tools in this guide to help you study efficiently.

The Microsoft PL-100 Exam

Microsoft Power Platform provides individuals and businesses worldwide with access to powerful application development tools. Bypassing the PL-100 test, those starting their careers in Power Platform can attain an entry-level certification. This exam validates your understanding of fundamental concepts and features of Power Platform, and earning the Power Platform App Maker credential opens doors to more advanced Power Platform certifications.

What Does the Microsoft PL-100 Exam Validate?

The PL-100 exam does not have any prerequisites, but it evaluates your knowledge in specific domains. To pass the exam, you should be familiar with the following topics:

  • Understand Power Platform concepts, such as canvas apps, model-driven apps, and Power Automate.
  • Comprehend core Power Platform services and products, including Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.
  • Gain knowledge about data connections, data modelling, and data integration in Power Platform.
  • Learn about Power Platform security, privacy, compliance, and governance.
  • Understand the basics of creating and managing Power Platform solutions.
  • Explore Power Platform administration and maintenance tasks.

What Do You Need To Know To Pass the Microsoft PL-100 Exam?

To pass the PL-100 exam, you need to acquire several key competencies. You must have a solid understanding of Power Platform’s fundamental components and how they interact. Additionally, you should be comfortable using Power Platform tools and navigating through the Power Apps and Power Automate environments.

It is beneficial to familiarize yourself with Power Platform’s data management capabilities, security features, and compliance regulations. This knowledge will enable you to effectively design and develop Power Platform solutions while collaborating with colleagues.

Finally, you should be aware of common challenges that may arise when working with Power Platform and how to address them, including considerations related to data integration, user adoption, and solution scalability.

By following these guidelines and leveraging the resources provided, you can prepare effectively for the Microsoft PL-100 exam and enhance your skills in the Microsoft Power Platform.

How to Prepare For the Microsoft PL-100 Exam

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Microsoft Power Platform professional? Microsoft offers the PL-100 certification exam, which serves as an excellent starting point for your Power Platform journey.

Preparing for the Microsoft PL-100 exam is crucial to achieving success. The PL-100 certification validates your skills and knowledge in Power Platform, opening doors to advanced certifications and fulfilling Power Platform roles in organizations. There are various approaches and techniques you can employ to begin your certification journey. By following these strategies, you can streamline your certification process with ease.

Microsoft Study Resources

Microsoft provides comprehensive study resources for their certification exams, including the PL-100 exam. These study materials are designed to enhance your preparation and ensure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed. Microsoft’s website offers convenient access to these valuable study resources.

The Microsoft PL-100 Exam Guide

The official Microsoft PL-100 exam guide has recently been made available. This guide covers all the subjects and abilities required to excel in the exam. Obtaining the Power Platform App Maker certification is a testament to your skills and can serve as a prerequisite for more advanced Power Platform certifications, allowing you to explore exciting career opportunities.

Collaborate with a Microsoft Training Partner

Microsoft offers access to approved training partners who can assist you throughout your exam preparation journey. Working with a Microsoft Authorized Training Partner (ATP) ensures high-quality training and valuable resources. Consider partnering with a reputable training provider like My Computer Career, which equips you with everything you need to ace the exam.

Create a Study Plan

Developing a well-structured study plan is essential before diving into exam preparation. Familiarize yourself with the exam format and structure by reviewing past test patterns. Gather relevant study materials and focus on the objectives outlined in the PL-100 exam. Maintain a calm and focused mindset to facilitate effective learning and comprehension.

Allocate specific time slots in your calendar dedicated to practice and study. Ensure you have sufficient time each day or week to focus on exam preparation. Maximize your free time and remain committed to your study plan, even if you have other obligations such as running a business or working a full-time or part-time job.

Practice for the Exam

Studying is just the first step in the exam preparation process. Taking practice tests is crucial to achieving a high score and ensuring success in the PL-100 exam. Practice exams simulate real-world scenarios and time constraints, allowing you to identify areas where you may need additional focus. Take notes during study sessions and practice tests to reinforce your understanding.

Attempt multiple mock exams before taking the actual PL-100 certification exam. Practising for the exam builds confidence and familiarity with the exam format, akin to training for real-world challenges where time management is crucial. In addition to studying from books or tutorials, taking multiple practice tests will help you thoroughly review topics and strengthen your comprehension.


By earning the Power Platform App Maker certification through the Microsoft PL-100 exam, you can expand your career opportunities based on your Power Platform skills. Upon passing this exam, you can pursue more advanced certifications and earn professional distinctions. My Computer Career is dedicated to assisting you in achieving this certification and other top IT certifications. Contact us today for further details!


By successfully passing the Microsoft PL-100 exam, you can earn the Power Platform App Maker certification, which significantly enhances your career prospects based on your Power Platform skills. This certification opens up a range of exciting opportunities in the field. Once you achieve this milestone, you can set your sights on pursuing more advanced certifications to earn professional titles and further elevate your expertise.

At My Computer Career, we are dedicated to supporting your certification journey and helping you maximize your chances of obtaining the PL-100 certification, along with other top IT certifications. We offer comprehensive resources and training to ensure you have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your certification endeavors. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for additional details and embark on your path to professional success!