How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Week with Your Partner


If you and your partner are celebrating Valentine’s Day next week, you’ve probably already started planning out what to do together on the big day itself. After all, if you want to make this Valentine’s Day one that’ll be remembered years down the line, it helps to plan ahead. Instead of just going out to dinner or seeing a romantic movie, why not take things up a notch by planning the perfect Valentine’s week with your partner?

Watch Movies Together:

Plan a romantic movie night at home. Whether you’re watching your favorite romantic movies or one you’ve never seen before, there are plenty of ways to make this night perfect for both of you! Watching movies together is a great way to spend time together, find your connection, and have some laughs. So, get some popcorn and/or chocolate and snacks, curl up on the couch together, and enjoy your evening. 

Enjoy Some Sweet Time At Your Favorite Spot

One of the best ways to spend a week together is to take turns picking your favorite destination and then spend time at each other’s favorite. You can alternate countries or states, but we would recommend you pick one place that you both enjoy so it doesn’t feel like work, and not be too far away from each other.

Plan a romantic getaway for your partner and you. The best part about picking a favorite destination is that you don’t have to do too much planning. Just make sure you book everything ahead of time and take some of these tips with you on your trip:

-Try new things together like cooking in their kitchen, singing karaoke, or getting a massage at the spa.

-Plan an adventure together like snowshoeing, hot air ballooning, or hiking through a rainforest.

-Visit one of their favorite restaurants or go on a food tour in their neighborhood.

-Plan something low key like watching TV together or reading in bed.

Go For Shopping Together

One of the best ways to spend time with your partner is to go shopping together. This can be a great bonding experience, plus you’ll get to buy some things that you really want. You can make it even more special by wearing matching shirts and hats or picking out clothes for each other. If you’re looking for something specific, like matching shoes or a new belt, take turns picking them out and seeing which one your partner likes better. You can order valentine gifts online and get them delivered on time.

Go on an Adventure Tour Together

Start off with an adventure tour together-  a perfect way to plan a fun and exciting time together! Whether it be hiking, biking, or even just a long walk through your own neighborhood, an adventure tour will do wonders for any relationship. Plus, you might find that you enjoy something new and take up a new hobby!

Try New Recipe

Cooking a new recipe together is a great way to bond and have fun in the kitchen. Spicing things up can also be a great way to create memories to look back on later.

Spend an evening cooking up all of your favorite dishes for each other, then go out for dessert afterward. Learning how to cook something new as a couple can be such an enjoyable experience!

Utilize Time On  Common Activities or Interests

Start by deciding on common interests and activities. This will help you narrow down what type of restaurants, movies, and activities are right for you both. If one of you loves to cook, try finding a local cooking class or a restaurant that offers cooking lessons. If one of you loves to play sports, find out when your favorite team is playing and try to get tickets. Anything goes! The point is just to have fun and do something different than usual. You can also opt for valentine gift delivery and get amazing ideas.

Play Games Together

Set aside some time to play games together. Try playing a board game, or card game that you both enjoy. If you’re looking for something more active, try a game like ping pong or foosball. Even if you’re not typically competitive, it can be fun to make things into a competition and see who will win. Enjoying a game together can help foster feelings of closeness and intimacy in your relationship.

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Wrapping up

If you’re looking to make this Valentine’s Day special, it’s important to plan ahead and keep in mind the things that are most important to your partner. You want to create an experience they will never forget, and that means doing research in advance and taking time to put together the perfect plans.  There are so many different things you can do together to get in the spirit of love that it can be tough to figure out where to start! But don’t worry – try the above mentioned activities and create memories you can cherish forever!