How to personalize the retail shopping experience for customers?

retail shopping
retail shopping

Favorable customer service tops the list of priorities when you’re trying to make customers happy. Your customers’ shopping experience with you must be seamless. Once you build an excellent shopping experience for your customers, you can go a long way in building loyal relationships with customers.

And one surefire way of offering an incredible shopping experience in the retail industry is personalization. Offering customers things they like or need always make them happier and more satisfied, and they keep coming back for more. Sending personalized emails, offering birthday discounts, POS gift cards, etc. are all parts of this personalized experience. Such personalization tokens can work well to make customers stick to you down the line.

So, where to get started if you want to implement personalization for your customers? Here’s a 2-step process.

  • Understand their requirements/pain points

Before you can start thinking about your personalization strategy, it is a must to know what customers like. You must know your customers well to offer them a personalized experience.

What not to do here? Don’t put customers into segments or groups (like you normally do while creating marketing strategies, for eg. “18-25 years”, “Female”, “Asian” etc.) This is not personalization. In fact, it is generalization.

What to do instead? Based on the data provided by customers, retrieved by your POS system or analytics, and/or purchased from third-party applications, understand their immediate needs or requirements. Customize for each one of the customers based on individual data.

To understand your customers, you can also conduct online surveys and interviews. Ask about their preferences, pain points, and what needs to address. You can also gather info about a customer by tracking their purchase history, buying patterns, profiles, etc.

  • Provide unique and tailored solutions

Once you have gathered data on individual needs and pain points, start crafting custom solutions. Your personalization solutions can include:

  • Personalized homepage

Best epos system for retail can help you with personalization. One way is to create a personalized homepage that has dynamic content, suggestions, product displays, etc. With personalized customer displays on the homepage, you can engage customers better and drive sales quicker.

  • Shop assistance during in-store shopping

Enhancing customer experience during in-store shopping is also important. To make customers feel important and personalize their shopping experience, offer them adequate shopping assistance. You can make your sales representatives assist customers based on their preferences and requirement. Also, you can create a personalized digital experience with bot assistance.

  • Personalized product recommendations

Personalized recommendations work great when it comes to offering better customer experiences. Based on what your website visitor is searching for, their past purchases, page visits, and clicks, you can make personalized recommendations.

The best epos system for retail ensures assisting the customers while they shop with personalized recommendations. It makes shopping more accessible as they find their products sooner through the recommendations offered.

  • Customized offers

An excellent method of sales promotion, customized deals, coupons, gift cards, discounts, etc. can help you attract more customers.

For instance, if a customer abandons a product in their cart, you can offer them personalized deals like free shipping, 50% discount, etc. to make them place the order. You can also offer customized retail gift card displays, discount codes, gifts, coupons, etc. on their birthdays or anniversaries.

You can get gift card management software for free with Hana Retail to manage the personalization of gift cards for different customers.

Small steps towards personalizing shopping experiences can create a significant impact on your sales. Once you adopt different ways of personalization, customers get used to your services. They find it more convenient to shop with your brand. As a result, you earn their trust and loyalty.