How to motivate software developers?


The work of a programmer requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and dedication from specialists. Due to long-term hard work, many people experience burnout, significantly affecting their workability. That is why, to achieve good results, the head of the team must constantly motivate his employees. It allows not only to complete all the work on time but also to maintain a good atmosphere in the group.

Try to maintain a positive atmosphere

Practice shows that programmers are often under stress due to constant deadlines. On the one hand, this is the norm, but on the other hand, it often leads to minor and major conflicts in the team, which leads to problems, worsening the overall situation in the company.

To prevent this from happening, the head of the department must ensure that there is a good atmosphere in the team. It is preferable that all conflicts be resolved immediately, without turning into protracted quarrels. The more pleasant it is for specialists to work together, the greater will be the productivity and the less the likelihood of burnout.

Sometimes, to reduce the load on your employees, it makes sense to order the services of an outsourced tech partner. It is inexpensive, but it will allow you to hand over the order just in time. It is incredibly convenient if one team member is ill or is on vacation.

Support and promote the ideas of your employees

While working on various projects, your employees sometimes come up with ideas against the client’s requirements. However, such arguments can make the finished product much better. So, a good manager should listen carefully to the views of his/her employees (no matter the position, sometimes even a cleaner can give good advice), evaluate them, and suggest improvements to the client.

Support the initiative of your specialists. They will be more willing to work, create new technological solutions, and, most importantly, your team will create a high-quality product.

You should understand that sometimes even the most thoughtful plan can be changed a little if there is an urgent need for this for the entire team.

All on one page about specifications

Practice shows that sometimes it is pretty challenging to achieve good results if the team does not fully understand the main goals of the work. So, if you define the tasks inaccurately and vaguely, a situation may arise when each team member has their project vision. It can lead to misunderstandings and even conflicts among different professionals.

Sometimes, an entire department of your company will spend a lot of effort and time developing software that no one needs. It will lead to the fact that the average cost of a website will increase significantly, but the customer will refuse (and quite logically) to pay for it.

Thus, we advise you to spend more time drawing up a specification where all the goals and objectives will be spelled out precisely. You should schedule all the necessary tasks for each specialist and deadlines based on the overall strategy for working on the project.

It is desirable that team members also know what tasks their colleagues must complete; they will automatically ensure that all work is constructed with high quality and on time.

Praise employees for merit

Practice shows that banal praise, a kind word towards an employee, can stimulate him or her to perform even better. Research shows that in teams where employees are praised, more people are happy to go to work, and the efficiency level is higher compared to companies where managers forget to praise their employees.

The word is of great importance in human relations. Psychologists say that managers should find something good in employees’ work, even if they fail after failure. Otherwise, they will stop trying and become depressed.

These and other metrics can be set and tracked in corporate software for the top management of the company and HR specialists, who should also be directly involved in the psychological support of their employees. This service will help to learn more about what such software is and consult with experts.

Personal example

Leading by example can make a huge difference. So, if the head of the company is constantly late for work, forgets to do necessary tasks, and ignores employees’ requests. It would be best if you did not think that everyone else would impeccably observe corporate ethics, observe the daily routine, and do their work on time.

If you require discipline from your employees, you must also adhere to this. People usually don’t respect those who can’t live up to their standards. If you want to motivate your team successfully, you need to make sure that you are motivated enough.

Meet the whole team

Some managers know only the heads of departments, but they are not familiar with the entire staff of their employees. It leads to the fact that they do not understand all the processes in the team. If the manager is open to all his employees, this creates the impression that they can learn much more if they work hard.

There is a legend that Julius Caesar, a famous Roman commander, knew by sight and by name all his soldiers (and there were about 20 thousand of them), which allowed him to delegate duties better and lead the army.