How to Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Look Attractive

How to Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Look Attractive

In order to make your Custom printed candle boxes look attractive, you should follow some steps. These include designing the branding, die-cutting, Spot UV coating, foiling, and a variety of other processes. To make your Custom printed candle boxes look beautiful, contact Ideal Custom Boxes. They provide high-quality candle box printing, premium packaging, and personalized customer service. You can even choose between matte and premium finish for your packaging. Read on to learn more.

Custom printed candle boxes

Aside from being practical and functional, custom printed candle boxes play a very important role in branding a product or company. Not only do these packaging options help in promoting brand recognition, but they also make good gifts and are useful for party-goers. Hence, it is crucial to get custom printed boxes that match your brand identity and are highly effective in selling your product. Here are some tips to consider when choosing custom printed candle boxes.

The printing on custom-printed candle boxes is very appealing. You can have a special message or a memorable quote printed on them. You can also choose to have pictures or images printed on them. You can even add the recipient’s name to them if you wish to make the gift more personal. You can choose different printing methods to make your product box stand out among your competitors. If you are looking for a unique design, then opt for embossing and spot UV printing. Both of these methods provide a metallic look to the boxes and are a great choice for holiday scents or other similar promo products.


If you want to make a unique impression on your customers, consider foiling your custom candle boxes. The process of foiling paperboard is an age-old tradition, but recent innovations have allowed it to take on a whole new dimension. This technique can create elegant, soft packaging with an eye-catching font and product detail. What’s more, foiling doesn’t require a large initial set-up fee and can be applied to almost any type of paper material.

You can create your own custom Candle Boxes by using an online calculator or 3D design tool. Embossed boxes highlight the logo and candle scent. They also feature a tactile effect. Foil stamping adds a metallic shine to the packaging, and is a great choice for holiday scents or other similar promo products. Whether you want to give your candle boxes a festive feel or a modern, clean look, you’ll be able to find a candle box design that matches your brand.


One of the best ways to increase the sale of your candles is to use die-cutting techniques on your custom candle boxes. The die-cut window allows your candle design to be seen. These methods are effective for candles that have a long shape. When you order custom candle boxes, you can also use other innovations like coating, printing, and die-cutting. To learn more about these processes, contact a company offering custom packaging.

Custom die-cutting boxes are ideal for many packaging applications. Candlemakers can utilize them in the manufacturing of their candles, as they have unique designs that attract consumers. This will ultimately help them increase their sales and profits. For more information, contact a custom packaging company like Business Image Printing. We can help you with your custom candle boxes. This service is cost-effective and provides great results. To learn more about die-cutting custom boxes, contact us today.

Spot UV coating

If you want to create a dazzling contrast between the colors on your custom candle boxes, spot UV coating may be the way to go. This process uses ultraviolet light to create a sheen and more vibrant aesthetic that makes your custom candle boxes look luxurious. It also works well to enhance the colors and images of your printed logo, helping your brand stand out in a competitive market. Here are some benefits of using spot UV coating on your custom candle boxes:

This coating protects the custom candle boxes while giving them a glossy appearance. Spot UV printing and foil stamping can also be added to these boxes. They look even more expensive! The spot UV coating on custom candle boxes can help you advertise your candles at various events and occasions. Gluing paper products to a metal or plastic box will make your product more durable and long-lasting. Once you’ve chosen the type of coating you want, the next step is choosing an add-on.

PVC sheets

There are numerous options available when printing on custom candle boxes made from PVC sheets. If you want your custom candle box to be highly visible, you can use embossing techniques or a window. These methods help give your custom candle boxes a rich, colorful appearance. You can also emboss your company logo or message to increase the visibility of your brand. These techniques are available for both standard and custom candle boxes and they can be applied to any type of material.

Another option is to use cardboard. Cardboard is strong and flexible, making it an excellent material for custom candle boxes. You can cut a single sheet to cover the entire box or use multiple sheets. These are a great way to add a beautiful window to your box. If you don’t want to use a window, you can add paper to the box to create a lighter and cheaper option. Make sure to choose a custom candle box that is reusable and environmentally friendly.