How to hire developers for a startup? A guide for non-tech founders


So, what makes a startup a success? Is it the capability to design and develop highly functional. Aesthetically pleasing mobile applications that accurately reflect the ethos of your brand? Or is it solely a matter of having the technical know-how to control the technological landscape? These are issues that non-tech founders often face. And they have to answer such inquiries since some people. Still don’t believe that a founder without a technical experience can make a successful tech product.

Without a deep understanding of technology, non-technical entrepreneurs and business leaders are reshaping the modern world of technology. Regardless of their prior knowledge or experience in the technology sector, they are blazing a trail to future success by devoting significant effort to training, retraining, and recruiting top employees.

Airbnb, a global leader in the hospitality industry, was founded and is led by three people with no background in technology. One of the three founders had a formal education in computer science, but that was it. Great visionary Brian Chesky, who built Airbnb with Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk, was a hockey player and bodybuilder before he became one of Time magazine’s 100 most important people.

There are a plethora of successful examples of companies started by people without technical backgrounds that have gone on to become industry leaders. There is no shortage of examples of successful startups where the founders did not have a technical background (Pandora, Alibaba, StyleSeat, TeeSpring, Tinder, Vayable, and many more).

In addition to the foresight, expertise, and perseverance of the founders, there was one other factor that was important in the development of these outstanding businesses. Talent of that caliber is what allowed these business owners to realize their objective.

Nevertheless, it’s easier said than done when it comes to hiring engineers for companies. Find out everything you need to know to successfully hire android developers for your startup by reading this article. In addition, we will discuss how to locate engineers that are a good fit for your firm and how to use it to dominate the startup ecosystem.

Finding qualified employees might be difficult for a new company

While it may be hard to completely eliminate obstacles, business owners can considerably lessen the amount of stress they feel by bringing in the proper personnel or outsourcing firm. Putting together a strong group of people to work on your idea and develop it into a successful business from the ground up.

Locating the best possible fit for your organization’s needs as early as feasible is a key problem when employing new employees. In order to effectively manage business processes and guarantee that actions are in line with business goals, non-tech founders need to recruit developers for firms that are a good fit. In addition, business owners should look for app developers for a startup who can serve as the right team behind your project and educate you on the ins and outs of technological workflows while providing you with efficient means of working together.

This essay makes an effort to shed light on the complex process of hiring developers for startups or bringing on board an agency. We’ll also walk you through a detailed plan for discovering and luring the best developers and reducing the risks you face as a startup’s first employee.

Let’s first figure out whether employing a developer or onboarding an agency is better for your business before we get into the nitty-gritty of either.

For a founder who isn’t skilled in technology, what would be the most beneficial option? Should we bring people in from the outside, or set up shop internally?
Having developers on staff is preferable to outsourcing, but for a business owner without a technical background, this can be a huge obstacle.

Problems that arise while trying to bring developers in-house

Exorbitantly expensive
Insufficient knowledge and experience
Constrained scalability
Having trouble taking on difficult or large-scale initiatives.
Exorbitantly expensive

Costs quickly add up when a business decides to hire engineers to work in-house. As a business owner, you’ll have to pay for more than just the company’s share of the bill. The costs of employing a developer in-house are not limited to the salary of the employee, but also include the costs of infrastructure, setup, office space, tools, and software.

Lacking in knowledge and experience

The in-house developer will likely focus on one or two programming languages unless you hire additional startup app developers, which would drive up costs. As a result, your product’s potential will be constrained by the developer’s abilities.

A specialized outsourcing firm, on the other hand, will provide you with a web developer for a startup in addition to project managers, graphics designers, quality analysts, and others who can speed up your app development project and boost its efficiency and scalability. Plus, they have specialists in a wide range of development fields.

Scalability issues

Having a small team of in-house programmers means that no two projects can be worked on at the same time, which slows down the development process even with more frequent sprints.

Having trouble taking on difficult or large-scale initiatives

When compared to developers at a dedicated development firm, in-house programmers sometimes lack the necessary attitude and experience to successfully manage large-scale projects.

Hiring a software development firm is a simple solution to all of these problems. Read our article on the benefits of outsourcing to a mobile app development business to learn more about why an entrepreneur who isn’t technically savvy may want to consider this option.

However, if you still believe that an in-house developer would be a better-suited choice. Than outsourcing a mobile app development company, this is how you should hire in-house developers for a startup.

Find someone who has a broad range of expertise and can both comprehend. The core coding of your product and predict how different technologies will interact with it. Interviewees’ periphery perspectives on growth should be taken into account.

Find out if they focus on front-end or back-end development, or if they can do both. You also need the ability to assess their merits and demerits while communicating your business’s goal to them. So that you can proceed along a parallel track toward successful product advancement.

Outsourcing your development needs, however, will be useful and affordable for your startup, as we discussed before. The best development agency can be chosen with the help of this guide.

How to Find the Right Agency for Your Business Needs Detailed

To identify the most qualified software development business to outsource your startup’s developers to, you should evaluate several important factors.

Powerful Investment Portfolio

To assess if the development agency is the correct fit for your project. Look out their portfolio of the projects they have pulled off and the clientele they have worked with. Looking at a developer’s portfolio is a great way to get a sense of what they can do before hiring them. As a full-stack developer for your firm. You may learn a lot about an organization. That provides software development services for startups by looking at the products they have released in the past.

Specialist Knowledge

There are only a few of organizations that focus on developing novel strategies and tools (such as Appinventiv). Find out what the agency specializes in and is best known for. Identifying the right agency to work with is much easier if you have a good notion of the agency’s. Specialty area and can compare it to the type of product you’re aiming to create.

Competencies needed to assess mobile app developers’ competence on the job:

Verify how well they know how to use the programming language. Here is a rundown of some of the most important programming languages to learn.
Evaluate their database expertise and whether or not they can handle a system update.
Check their knowledge of data structures and other algorithmic concepts to see if they are prepared for the job.
Before releasing the project, make sure they can use. The necessary testing and debugging tools and technologies.

Examples of Success

Ultimately deciding on an agency will come down to the recommendations of previous customers. Find the best software developers for startups by evaluating their track record of success and hearing how they helped previous clients. Read these reviews to learn more about how the company handles important details during software development. Such meeting strict deadlines and staying under budget.


When looking to recruit developers for a startup. It’s also important to see if they can provide a solution tailored to your specific needs. Buying premade software is simple, but finding a company to create a tailor-made strategy for your company is not. If you’re looking for an app development company. That can tailor their services to your company’s needs and help you stand out in the market, look no further than Appiventiv.

Assistance from brainstorming to ongoing upkeep after a product’s release.
If you’re looking to fill open positions at your startup with the right kind of engineers. Be sure the outsourcing company will be there to hold their hand the whole way through the software development process. They need to be able to pitch in during the brainstorming stage to ensure the product is well-supported after it’s out. The team has been tasked with keeping the market apprised of progress. And incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the ongoing project. For the greater good of your product, this is essential.

Defeat in the Sprint

The development process may be broken down into manageable chunks called “sprints,” and the agency you choose should be able to do just that. You can use this to evaluate the offshore team’s accountability and their likelihood of meeting the sprint’s deadline.

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