How to Get Ready for Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is very common these days and it is a perfect method to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. This procedure always prefers all the other methods for hair removal like waxing, threading, shaving, epilating and depilating and the reason is that laser hair removal has lots of benefits on these methods. This procedure is more quick, simple and easy and most of all it gives permanent or long-lasting results.

Advancement in Technology of Laser Hair Removal

In the procedure of laser hair removal, laser technology is used to destroy the roots of the hair. The laser works on the pigments of hair in the roots and destroys them. Previously, the laser was introduced only for black hairs but now the advanced technologies also work on light coloured hairs. Laser treatment requires several sessions depending on the type of skin, the colour of hair and skin and thickness of hair and with every successive session, hair becomes less and less obvious. Laser hair removal is no doubt an effective procedure but you should be prepared for the procedure to avoid any risks or complications and to get the expected results.

First Things First

The first and foremost thing to get successful results from laser treatment for hair removal in Dubai is to seek an experienced laser specialist or dermatologist. Only a specialist having expertise in this field can properly manage the treatment as it is critical to adjust the frequency and energy that is suitable for you. The second thing is that you should discuss the procedure with your specialist in detail and gather all the important information. Before you go for the procedure, here are some important things to keep in mind and follow.

Consultation is Important

During your consultation with your technician, it is important to tell your technician about following issues.

  • Tendency to scars
  • About recent tanning
  • If you had any keloid scar – raised scar that extends the incision or wound site
  • got any cold scores
  • have experienced or experiencing acne or any other skin issue

Pre-Procedural Care

Before you go for the procedure, here are some important things to keep in mind and follow.

  • Avoid tanning and using sunless tanners for nearly one month before the procedure of laser hair removal.
  • Don’t go for plucking and waxing for nearly two to four weeks prior to the procedure.
  • Just before the treatment, it is important to shave the treatment area.
  • Take oral antiviral medication or antibiotic but with the prescription of the doctor. This will help you to avoid any discomfort or reaction.
  • Clean the treatment area. And do not use any cosmetic product (lotions, creams, deodorants etc) before you go for the treatment.
  • Wear lose fitting clothes to the clinic.
  • Your technician will apply topical anesthetic cream or warm compress before the procedure to avoid or minimize the discomfort.


If you have any questions about the process or pricing associated with Laser Hair Removal, submit your question to “Ask a Doctor”. Or get a consultation with one of the leading dermatologists in the industry.