A popular question and subject in drawing circles, groups, not the shape to clarify, is how to draw dragon forms and heads. Perhaps the allure of drawing dragons stems from the fact that there is a great deal of imagination and personality that can go into drawing a dragon. There are exact yes or no answers or confines in drawing or art, but this is Bild zeichnen lassen particularly true to the subject of dragons. Let’s begin with some pointers for the head and neck though.

The first thing you should do when learning how to draw dragon heads is starting with the head and working your way down. Start with a side view and just start with some circles and ovals for the eye and head. The side view is definitely the easiest one to start from as it allows you to have a constant view and control over every feature. It’s also easiest because you’re cutting what features you have to include literally in half, but you’re not sacrificing any realism or depth. It’s a great way to begin and get practice with when you’re just starting out.

Depending on how narrow you make the eyes/upper brow will have an impressive effect on the mood of the dragon as you’ll soon see. The more narrow you make this, the angrier your dragon will look. Give him a line along near the bottom front of his head above where his jaw would be and fold up somewhat as you go to give the appearance of a back jaw bone. Next insert some sharp molded triangles just below that line in a row to give him some nasty snarling teeth. He or she is starting to come alive and take presence already. Add a slit for his front showing nostril and a little curvature around his eye to give even more depth and an intimidating quality.

Next let us learn how to draw dragon necks. Go behind the head at the tip and just continue from the back of the head as the neck is basically a continuation of the head and vice versa. At the bottom come up a bit to make the neck a bit more narrow on the lower side. Curve the two neck lines down and make sure that you come out a bit on the lower line once you get into the chest.

Now finishing up with learning how to draw dragon chests and features, you can first separate the chest in half with a line to represent the middle of his chest plates. Then draw intermittent V shaped lines across the chest and your dragon has plates. Go back and add some horns to the nose, lines around the face to better represent the worn and scaled Portrait zeichnen lassen qualities, and a crests along the back. Add a little smoke cloud if you want from his nostrils and glint to the eye to give him or her even more life.