How to Diagnose and Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1722?

QuickBooks Error 1722
QuickBooks Error 1722

There is nothing better than QuickBooks Desktop when it involves the task of organizing daily financial activities. Thousands of small and mid-sized enterprises prefer QuickBooks Desktop thanks to its high efficiency and low price compared to other accounting software. However, irrespective of how excellent QuickBooks Desktop is, it’s not free from errors and bugs. this text intends to speak about QuickBooks error 1722, which users can encounter while installing QuickBooks Desktop on their computers. Several factors will be behind QuickBooks error code 1722, which you’ll get to be told ahead, together with their troubleshooting solutions.

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What are the factors that cause QuickBooks error code 1722?

QuickBooks error code 1722 is commonly caused when the Windows components critical for installing QuickBooks Desktop are corrupted. Although, many other factors will be behind it, like:

1. The third-party security software present on the pc is obstructing the QuickBooks Desktop’s installation.

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How are you able to resolve QuickBooks error 1722?

Solution 1- Repair the critical Windows components using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

1. Exit QuickBooks Desktop on your computer first.
2. Get the recently released model ( of QuickBooks Tool Hub and reserve it to the Windows Desktop.
3. Open the setup file you bought (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
4. undergo the on-screen instructions and comply with the terms & conditions to put in QuickBooks Tool Hub.
5. After installing QuickBooks Tool Hub, open it.
6. Choose Installation Issues from the left pane.
7. Select the choice named QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
8. The tool may take around 20 minutes to repair the critical Windows components. Hence, wait until it completes.
9. Restart the pc, and at the moment, verify whether you’re able to install QuickBooks Desktop.

If you re-encounter QuickBooks error 1722, go on to the second solution.

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Solution 2- Install QuickBooks Desktop with Windows Selective Startup

1. Select the Windows Start button located on the taskbar.
2. Enter “msconfig” within the search box. Then open msconfig.
3. within the General tab, confirm to decide on the Selective startup and cargo system services options.
4. move to the Services tab. Then, select the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
5. Hit the Disable all button.
6. Clear the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
7. confirm to pick out the Windows Installer checkbox from the list of services.
8. Hit the OK button.
9. On the System Configuration screen, select the Restart button.
10. attempt to install QuickBooks Desktop on your computer.

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If the installation of QuickBooks Desktop is successful, ensure to modify your computer back to Normal startup mode by following the steps given below.

1. Open the Run command window by pressing the Windows and R keys concurrently on your keyboard.
2. Enter “msconfig” within the Run window. Then, select the OK button.
3. within the General tab, confirm to pick out the traditional startup option.
4. Hit the OK button.
5. On the System Configuration screen, choose the Restart button.


If you can’t resolve QuickBooks error 1722 after following the above two troubleshooting solutions, then your Windows software is possibly outdated. Hence, our recommendation for you is to update your Windows OS to its recent release. you’ll also get further help fixing QuickBooks error code 1722 by contacting our QuickBooks experts at +1-855-856-0042.