How to Create Accurate Xactimate Roof Sketch for Water Damage Restoration Estimates



When it comes to water damage restoration estimates, accurate measurements and assessments are crucial. One of the essential components of creating precise estimates is an accurate Xactimate roof sketch. Xactimate is a widely used software in the restoration industry that helps professionals calculate the costs and scope of projects. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating an accurate Xactimate roof sketch to ensure reliable water damage restoration estimates.

Understanding Xactimate

Xactimate is a software used by professionals in the restoration industry to create detailed estimates for projects. It provides a comprehensive platform for measuring, estimating, and documenting restoration work. With Xactimate, professionals can accurately calculate the costs involved in repairing water damage and provide reliable estimates to clients and insurance companies.

Importance of a Roof Sketch

A roof sketch is an integral part of the Xactimate estimating process, especially for water damage restoration projects. It allows restoration professionals to visualize the roof’s dimensions, slopes, and complexities, enabling accurate calculations for material quantities and labor costs. A detailed and precise roof sketch ensures that all necessary repairs are accounted for in the estimate, preventing any surprises or discrepancies during the restoration process.

Gathering the Necessary Tools

Before creating an Xactimate roof sketch, it’s essential to gather the necessary tools and equipment. Here are some tools you will need:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Ladder
  3. Clipboard or notebook
  4. Pencil or pen
  5. Camera or smartphone (optional)

Having these tools readily available will make the process smoother and more efficient.

Preliminary Assessment of the Roof

Before starting the measurement process, conduct a preliminary assessment of the roof. Look for any visible signs of damage, such as missing shingles, leaks, or structural issues. This assessment will help you identify specific areas that require attention during the restoration process.

Taking Measurements

To create an accurate Xactimate roof sketch, you need to take precise measurements. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start at one corner of the roof and measure the length of each side, noting down the measurements as you go.
  2. Measure the pitch or slope of the roof using a pitch gauge or a smartphone app designed for this purpose.
  3. Note any architectural features like chimneys, skylights, or vents, along with their dimensions and locations.
  4. Take photos of the roof from different angles to reference later if needed.

Sketching the Roof in Xactimate

Once you have collected all the measurements and information, it’s time to create the roof sketch in Xactimate. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Xactimate and create a new project.
  2. Select the roof sketching tool from the menu.
  3. Input the roof measurements, pitch, and any architectural features you noted earlier.
  4. Use the drawing tools in Xactimate to accurately recreate the roof’s shape and dimensions.
  5. Double-check the sketch for any errors or missing details.

Incorporating Roof Details

To ensure the accuracy of your Xactimate roof sketch, it’s crucial to incorporate all relevant roof details. This includes:

  1. Roof material and type (shingles, tiles, metal, etc.).
  2. Roof slope or pitch.
  3. Number and location of any chimneys, skylights, or vents.
  4. Presence of any obstructions or damage.

By including these details in the sketch, you provide a comprehensive overview of the roof, enabling precise calculations for restoration estimates.

Reviewing and Verifying the Sketch

After completing the Xactimate roof sketch, it’s essential to review and verify its accuracy. Take a step back and analyze the sketch, ensuring that all measurements, details, and roof features are correctly represented. If you notice any discrepancies, make the necessary adjustments before proceeding.

Finalizing the Roof Sketch

Once you are confident in the accuracy of the Xactimate roof sketch, finalize it by saving the project and documenting it appropriately. Ensure that you include the sketch along with other relevant documentation when presenting the estimate to clients or insurance companies.

Calculating Water Damage Restoration Estimates

With the accurate Xactimate roof sketch in hand, you can now proceed to calculate the water damage restoration estimates. Utilize the comprehensive tools provided by Xactimate to factor in the costs of materials, labor, equipment, and any additional services required for the restoration process. Ensure that you review and verify all calculations before finalizing the estimate.


Creating an accurate Xactimate roof sketch is vital for generating reliable water damage restoration estimates. By following the outlined process and incorporating all necessary details, restoration professionals can provide accurate and transparent estimates to clients and insurance companies. Remember to use Xactimate’s comprehensive tools and verify your measurements to ensure the highest level of accuracy in your estimates.