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How to Choose the Best School in Noida?


Best School in Noida! Noida is one of the most popular upcoming cities in the Delhi vicinity and is referred to as the modern industrial city. Emerging as a major hub for IT companies, the city is attracting a huge population that includes a high number of professionals.

The popularity of the city has given rise to the growth of many national and international schools. You can find some of the best schools in Noida like the Global Indian International School, Pathway school, Step by Step School, G.D. Goenka Global School, The Millennium School to name a few.

Schools across Noida are affiliated to various boards like the Noida CBSE schools, ICSE, the State Board, and International curricula like IGCSE, International Baccalaureate, GCSE, and more.

Noida CBSE schools are one of the most sought-after schools due to the flexibility and holistic growth the CBSE curriculum offers. Selecting a school is one of the most tedious jobs for parents. 

Now, with technological advancement, parents are accessible to a plethora of suggestions regarding the choice of the best schools in Noida. Apart from home, a child spends most of its time in school, and hence the right choice of school is very important. 

School provides the foundation for education and children gain knowledge, ethics, physical and mental development in the school.

Below are a few important tips that would help you in choosing the best school in Noida:

First-hand research

Preliminary research needs to be done before you zero on the schools of your choice. With the high amount of competition in the education industry, there are many schools that promise to offer a unique education system. As most of the best schools in Noida have their own website, it is easy to procure information, discussions with neighbors, friends, or family members residing in Noida would also be of great help.

A school tour

An in-person visit to the school and personal interaction with the administration team, teachers, and existing students will give you a better idea of the school and its functioning. Today there are many schools that arrange for in-person visits to the school or, if parents are busy and considering the current pandemic situation virtual school tours are also arranged.

Check on the offerings

Check to see if the classrooms are spacious and well lit, transportation facilities, playgrounds, library, and other important amenities as mentioned in the website or school brochure.

The fee structure depends on your budget

Understand what are the benefits offer by the school and whether they are fulfilling what is mention in the fee structure. Read the terms and conditions carefully and accordingly take a decision.

Does it meet the requirements of your child?

There are students with special needs who require extra attention in the school. Speak to the faculty to see their behavior with children and how is their understanding, knowledge, and support to the students.

Curriculum offered

Best schools in Noida offer a CBSE curriculum as there is a complete development of students with this curriculum. But, you can opt for a different curriculum based on your requirements and ease of education.

Subjects offered

CBSE schools in Noida have a wide range of subject combinations that makes education even more interesting. It is very important to know the second languages available, the subject options depending on the kindergarten, primary, secondary and high levels of schooling.

Ultimately it is the quality of education that the school offers matters to the development of the students. Because Parents need to keep their options open by applying for various schools at the scheduled time. 

Due to the current pandemic situation applications can submit online and even the procedures are simple through the school’s online platform. 

Parents should not depend completely on the schools for the success and growth of their children, they are equally responsible for the same. Because It is important to identify the passion and talent of the child along with intelligence for their holistic growth.

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