How to Choose the Best Embroidery Digitized Design for Your Apparel

embroidery digitizing

Embroidery appeals to the eyes and has been used over years and years to provide stunning features for your outfits. What if you think to transform your crafting style from simple embroidery to digitizing one?

Embroidery digitization is the modern way of applying crafty ideas to your apparel, headwear, and other accessories. Embroidery fonts in symbols and text grab everyone’s attention by providing a true sense of creativity. But it’s decisive to consider which designs can expand your productivity and increase your brand’s awareness. To create an out-class touch that elevates your brand awareness and allows you a lifetime worth taking benefits, all that matters is the selection of the best designs.

Are you interested in creating timeless designs of embroidery digitizing, you are on the right track! You will wonder how simple and captivating it can be, but you must choose your designs wisely.

Here are the applicable steps for picking embroidery digitizing designs which can take your apparel to the next level.

How to Pick Out Creative Designs of Embroidery Digitizing for Your Apparel

Embroidery Software

Embroidery designs depend on which type of software you are using for embroidery digitizing. Advanced software plays a crucial role to make your designs more simple and creative. You can just upload the data and learn the more complex features of designing.

You can create various designs for jackets, shirts, caps, pants, and other items. Later, you can make customized logos using an embroidery digitizing machine for branding.

For instance, the process of making 3D puff embroidery designs is more critical than simple embroidery designs. Make sure you have advanced software to deal with the complexity of designing these complicated 3D designs on your apparel. Use best-quality threads to create a perfect 3D touch and run the process of digitization smoothly.

 Use Applicable Files

At the time of selecting your embroidery digitized designs, the right type of file can remarkably affect the outcomes. But on the other hand, the wrong file will be heart-wrenching for you to destroy your effort and money. Choose wisely to work desperately!

Before using files for digitizing your embroidery designs, whether it is png, jpeg, or pdf. You have to ensure that your embroidery design can hold fast to the following specifications.

  • The size of your embroidered designs must be accurate to whatever you are designing
  • The designs must be on a high resolution.
  • No detailing is required

 Type of the Apparel

Before considering the embroidery design, color, size, and shape, you need to be more careful about the apparel on which you are planning embroidery. For example, if you are making your design for customized caps it indicates you have limited space for the embroidery. Make sure your graphics getting fit the size of the cap otherwise, it never provides a finishing touch if it will be gigantic or teeny-weeny.

Moreover, you need to consider the material of your apparel when you are creating powerful embroidery graphics, it must be dense enough. Because the vector art appears different on a shirt than on a skullcap, both contains different material. The embroidery of designs will be invisible on a skullcap due to its thickness. Although the design details will be more distinctive due to its smooth and stiff material.

Pay Attention to Detailing

Desperately a screen printing embroidery can’t provide you with refined designs if you don’t pay attention to fine detailing. A minor mistake can ruin your design which makes the graphics less appealing.

At the time of designing graphics for the embroidery keep your focus on a single detailing like small text, straiten spacing, and narrow lines. The ideal size of the text is .02” or you can extend it but not be oversized. Fine lines will not be assessed due to the excessive spaces between the stitches and the machine will consider it as a dotted line.

If you are creating more designs for digitization, you need to be more concentrated on the massive details that will be more visible it turns to the needle and thread for digitization.

Competent Custom Apparel

Digitization of embroidery can give your customized outfits a professional touch. The color and design of screen-printed garments can probably fade after some time, but the digitized embroidery designs will remain the same, even after washing several times.

That’s why people preferred embroidery digitization for their corporate and military uniforms. Embroidery digitization is best suited for those companies that have to make their company logo on shirts, caps, bags, and other accessories.

You can raise your earning by providing your clients with custom embroidery digitizing services by creating vibrant colors and unique design logos. Outsource your embroidery digitizing career by offering your best digitizing service from all over the world.

Pick Out the Best Color Theme 

The colors of embroidery designs matter a lot for digitization. Various colors look amazing when you are choosing your design but when you transfer them over to your apparel they changed instantly. Always choose rich colors for logos and highlighted colors for text. These can be game changers and can grant your designs outstanding beauty to make them exceptional from other embroidery designs.

Get Ideas from the Internet

The Internet is full of various eye catchy designs, you can take more creative ideas to create your portfolio for embroidery digitization. You can just download various high-quality designs and add your creative skill to make them more attention-grabbing for the apparel. Try to choose a simple design and work on it until you become a pro in embroidery digitization. Look around the internet to grab more amazing designs that can give you more options to increase your productivity.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best designs for digitization is a daunting task for the embroiderers. Your confusion is resolved regarding how to choose embroidery digitized designs. Follow the suggested guidelines to become proficient in the designing of embroidery digitization.

Don’t forget to take more creative ideas to produce the best embroidered digitized apparel for your brand and customization.