How To Apply For a Medical Marijuana Card in Rhode Island

Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island

Having doubts concerning medical marijuana is not something unusual as many states are on their way to legalizing it for medicinal and recreational purposes. Some states are legalizing it only for medicinal usage, whereas others are also legalizing it for recreational purposes. 

Along with other states, Rhode Island has also provided medical marijuana for its citizens. But getting a medical marijuana card won’t be that easy unless you abide by specific criteria. So if you are a legal resident of Rhode Island and meet the eligibility criteria, then you’ll get the medical marijuana card for sure. 

No state issues medical marijuana like this only. They ensure your identity by asking for several proofs and then recommend the same. Let us learn- How to get Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island and simplify things for marijuana patients. 

How To Get Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island? 

Before seeking a Rhode Island medical marijuana card, all applicants must submit a copy of one of the identity proofs. Usually, the state asks for the following proof. 

Driver’s license

ID card 

Voter card 

Any correspondence from another state agency 

Some people believe that the medicare Medicaid plan will cover medical marijuana costs, but this is not so. No such plan will cover its costs. Besides this, let us know some other guidelines to get a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island. 

Consult a healthcare professional 

The first step of acquiring a medical marijuana card is consulting healthcare professional. The most challenging task for marijuana patients is finding the appropriate medical marijuana physician. For this, you can visit the marijuana site to look for marijuana-friendly physicians. 

In addition to this, the medical marijuana physician should be experienced, licensed, and certified. Another thing to bear in mind is taking your medical record from the past when visiting the physician for the consultation. Upon seeing your medical records, the physician will try to make out whether medical marijuana will be the right fit for you or not. 

If the need arises, the physician will ask you several questions based on your health. He’ll take thorough time to review and analyze things first and recommend a medical marijuana card. The consultation will not take long and will wind up in merely 15 minutes. 

See qualifying conditions 

There’s no way out for you if you don’t suffer from any qualifying conditions ordained by the state. Moreover, every state has its list of qualifying conditions, and it is not the same for every state. So let us have a sneak peek into the qualifying conditions determined by Rhode Island for its citizens. 



Hepatitis C




Crohn’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease


Muscle spasms 


Multiple sclerosis 



If you suffer from any of the above qualifying conditions, you have more chances of getting approved for medical marijuana. Instead of resorting to other medications which come at a significant price, it is better to opt for medical marijuana as it consists of two magical compounds which are beneficial in easing out the symptoms of major diseases, such as THC and CBD. 

Register and complete the application 

The next thing to accomplish is registration on the state’s official site along with the application form. The state won’t accept your application form through mail or fax as the process has to be online. Consequently, you need to apply online for the medical marijuana card in Rhode Island. 

While you register on the site, ensure to keep all the crucial documents with yourself, such as ID card, passport, driver’s license, bills, residency proof, and others. The state needs to be sure of your medical identity before approving you for the medical marijuana card. 

If your application is found complete and the state is satisfied with your identity, you can easily qualify for a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island. 

Wait for the card 

Once you are done with all the formalities and processes of medical marijuana cards, you can wait for the state to revert so you can begin with the treatment. You’ll get to know about the status of your application, whether it has been approved or not, within 15 days. If approved, Rhode Island will get you the printout of the card. Upon having the card in your hand, you can claim your cannabis products from the marijuana dispensaries. 

Visit the dispensaries 

The last step of the whole process is visiting the medical marijuana dispensary of your state to get your range of superior cannabis products. There is a great variety of cannabis products to buy, such as tinctures, legumes, oils, lotions, and other things. 

With the help of a medical marijuana card in your hand, the state will give you the products at reduced rates and that too of good quality. But the sole thing you have to keep in mind is the dosage you take. It is better to ask your physician regarding the dosage you should have, as otherwise, you’ll be prone to facing adverse effects afterward. 

Medical marijuana card costs in Rhode Island 

There are not much fees in getting a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island. You merely have to pay $50 for the medical marijuana card. But if you become eligible for a fee reduction, the fee can get down to $25. But you also have to pay for the doctor’s consultation, which will be somewhere between $200-$300. 


The process of How to get medical marijuana in Rhode Island is quite easy and clear. Consequently, consuming medical marijuana will help you heal from the disease or illness you find difficulty living. Get your medical marijuana card now and bring ease to your living.