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How to add value to your web hosting service migration?

What if your business grows and your current web hosting provider finds it hard to handle your online traffic load and bandwidth? The only choice you are left with is to migrate to another hosting platform with more services, storage, and bandwidth. However, it is not as easy as it sounds – changing your web host is a tricky task. Before you migrate to a new host, you must perform a few basic things with your website, like using a redirect page and website redesigning. Once you are done, you can consider migrating to a new platform, but how to add value to your service migration? What to look for in the new host? Keep reading to know the answers!

Ways to add value to your service migration:

Website hosting can cater to your storage, bandwidth, and traffic management needs, but what if your business grows? You will migrate to a new host, but before you sign the papers with the new one, you should explore a few things. Exploring factors like data storage options or bandwidth capacity is essential to know if the new host will cater to your needs. Here are a few things to know that can add value to your web hosting service migration.

1. Data storage options:

Data storage capacity is the first thing you should look for in your new host before migration. Your website needs a specific amount of data storage, depending on the data stored on your website. Anything less than the required space can cause inconvenience, and you should discuss it before migration.

It would be best to ensure the service provider offers a hosting plan in strict accordance with your data storage requirements. Before moving to a new host, you should discuss this aspect with your provider to escape last-minute trouble.

2. Shared server support:

If you have been using free web hosting services and now want to migrate to shared hosting, you need to watch out for certain things. The first thing on the chart is server speed. If an adult or a heavy website runs along with yours on a shared server, you might experience speed issues. It would be best to discuss this matter with your provider before migration. Why not opt for dedicated hosting and overcome the speed issue? Consider contacting UAE hosting companies to purchase it!

Another thing on the list is the price. Most website owners opt for shared hosting because the price is their primary concern. However, you can negotiate with your service provider and ask for discounts and bargains on the overall price after migration.

3. Operating system platform:

Another essential thing you should focus on to add value to your migration is inquiring about the operating system platform. Various web hosting providers offer Windows and Linux operating system platforms with a complete set of services and add-on features. Do you know which one is better for your website? Why not discuss it before opting for one?

Windows and Linux operating systems have unique advantages and drawbacks (a few). However, you should focus on the one that aligns with your website needs and other server-related requirements.

4. Service options offered:

Various web hosting providers claim to be the best in the line, but you should not trust anyone unless you can trust them. These service providers claim to offer services like:

  • File transfer
  • Data downloading and uploading
  • Mail forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • Technical support

But do you know they are true to their words? Before you migrate to a platform, make sure you go through their list of service options and ensure that you can trust them.

You can only add value to your migration if you can enjoy more perks and services than your previous platform. Even settling for a similar platform would be a waste of time and resources. Always hunt for more services and resources to add comfort to your services.

5. Frontpage extension support:

If you have been using the front-page extension in your previous hosting plan, you should ask for it in the new one. Not having this extension after migration can lead to numerous ambiguities, causing website dysfunction. Being a wise website owner, you should ask the new host to provide you with this extension after migration.

The support system and team of every web hosting provider can guide on this front. It would be best to consult them and ask for the amenities you need. Do you want to migrate to a well-functioning hosting platform? Consider contacting UAE Hosting companies today!

Make your website stand out from your competitors!

Web hosting services can grant your website a dominant position in the online community. The added features and services will set the tone for your website, enhancing your function on various fronts. Consider joining hands with a reliable web hosting company today to launch your site on a platform!

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