How should I prepare for ISI and CMI entrance exams?

isi and cmi entrance

Generally, every maths lover aspires to get admission to prestigious Research Institutes like ISI or CMI. In this blog, you will be guided in the best possible way. 

Let’s discuss these entrance exams of the Indian Statistical Institute. A variety of degree programs are offered by the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) through ISI entrance examinations. ISI offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and postdoctoral degree programs in the field of Statistics, Science & Technology. Further, students who clear the examination will get seats in four campuses situated in Chennai, Tezpur, Delhi, and Bangalore.


ISI & CMI Entrance Exam Course:

The I.S.I. and C.M.I. aspirants for B.Math, B.Stat (I.S.I.), and B.Sc (C.M.I.) entrance exams need to focus on in-depth theory for all the subjects. Plus students need to prepare for problem-solving. To get access to a wide variety of problem sheets, notes, and other materials, students may register for online ISI preparation classes.

As online classes help them to crack the ISI & CMI entrance exams. 

Here, teachers ensure to cover all the main topics such as Number Theory, Combinatorics, Polynomials, Geometry, Calculus etc. After enrolling, students can experience a degree of difficulty with the exam problems and practice accordingly. Online CMI preparation courses offer lecture notes, lecture transcripts, assignments, virtual libraries, and more. In addition, students get a chance to meet the students who have cracked the exam and learn from them. 

The online classes offer sessions recordings of the classes which can be accessed later on


How to Prepare for ISI Admission Test?

ISI Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme-

Students must know the pattern of exams, marking scheme and duration of the entrance exam. They must check that the entrance exam is in offline mode or online mode.

Also, students must be aware of the basics of the entrance exam before the main day. To avoid any kind of confusion, go through the instructions and guidelines mentioned in the prospectus.

Other than the exam pattern, the marking scheme of the ISI Admission Test is crucial to score well.

Students must consider the following questions while preparing for the entrance exam:


  • How many questions will be asked?
  • how many marks will be awarded per question?
  • how many marks per section?
  • Is there any negative marking?


ISI Admission Test Syllabus:

Students must prescribe the syllabus according to the course they have applied. For undergraduate courses, the Class 11 and Class 12 syllabi should be revised and learned. 

For Mathematics and Statistics, students must know the topics and the exact curriculum, covering Probability, Analysis, Programming Data Structure, and much more. In the entrance exams, no questions will be asked from outside the syllabus. So it is advised to stick to your syllabus and try to finish it on time to save time to revise. 


Purchase Prep Books-

To prepare better, one should purchase preparation books to understand the syllabus much better. Aspirants should get buy preparation books according to the course they have chosen and study the topics accordingly. Furthermore, students should buy recognized books which are often purchased by others. Students may seek advice from college professors or teachers or even coaching centers. To hone their skills, aspirants should buy books that have sample papers so they can solve them.


Sample Papers and Question Papers-Solve:

The best way to prepare for the ISI Admission Test is by getting a hold of ISI Admission Test sample papers. Also, students must solve the previous year’s ISI Admission Test question papers. Aspirants must understand the type of questions that are asked, with the marking scheme. Also, solve the question paper according to the time duration set for a paper. If you finish it faster, you will be able to save time to recheck what you have done. 



After completing your schedule, don’t skip the revision. Go through what you have studied, and read through what you have learned. By revising, students can grasp topics in a much better way.

Also, the regular revision must be done before the entrance exam, Last minute revision can make you more anxious and stressed. Revise while you are studying. Join ISI preparation classes to successfully cracked various difficult examinations involving Mathematics.


The exam Pattern is as follows-

The ISI admission entrance test is conducted in parts i.e forenoon session and an afternoon session. Each session will be for two hours.

Paper-1 in the forenoon session comprises 30 objective-type questions. For every incorrect answer, there is a rule of a negative marking.

In the afternoon session exam, students will be facing the descriptive type of questions. In this paper, candidates will have to write detailed answers to the questions being asked.

Both papers will be on Mathematics.

To prepare for the CMI entrance exam, you should practice as many questions as you can in CMI preparation classes.

Maths is all about practice. You should also refer to the previous year’s question papers to have an idea about the types of questions asked in the exam, the difficulty level of the exam, and practice the questions.


ISI Syllabus:

Algebra: Sets, operations on sets. Prime numbers, factorization of integers, and divisibility. Rational and irrational numbers. Permutations and combinations, basic probability. Binomial Theorem. Logarithms. Polynomials: Remainder Theorem, Theory of quadratic equations and expressions, relations between roots and coefficients. Arithmetic and geometric progressions. Inequalities involving arithmetic, geometric & harmonic means. Complex numbers. Matrices and determinants.

Geometry: Plane Geometry of 2 dimensions with Cartesian and polar coordinates. Equation of a line, the angle between two lines, distance from a point to a line, the Concept of a Locus, Area of a triangle, Equations of circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola and equations of their tangents and normal, Mensuration.

Trigonometry: Measures of angles. Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions. Trigonometric identities including addition formulae, and solutions of trigonometric equations. Properties of triangles. Heights and distances.

Calculus: Sequences – bounded sequences, monotone sequences, the limit of a sequence. Functions, one-one functions, onto functions. Limits and continuity. Derivatives and methods of differentiation. The slope of a curve. Tangents and normals. Maxima and minima. Using calculus to sketch graphs of functions. Methods of integration, definite and indefinite integrals, evaluation of area using integrals.

Wrap up:

Firstly analyze whether you qualify yourself fit to study in ISI or CMI. Also, you must have an affinity for maths subject. If you love maths, you can definitely crack the ISI and CMI entrance exams. Enroll yourself in CMI preparation classes for all the past year’s questions of CMI. Practice daily and revise your topics to eliminate last-minute chaos.