How project management software can unlock the potential of your chartered surveyor firm


In any job, some elements just aren’t pleasant. When you’re a Chartered Surveying firm, that could mean chasing for updates or deep diving into the archives to find comparisons or potential conflicts of interest.

As a firm of highly trained chartered surveyors, you need to maximise your fee earning potential by effectively building your network and completing surveys. 

Automation of comparisons and conflict checking

To smoothly deliver your surveys, you can set your search criteria in a Project Management Software For Chartered Surveyors and effectively check for any conflicts your firm may have. 

On top of that, you can check for relevant comparisons for your new surveys using your firm’s archives, considerably streamlining the research process and saving valuable time that could be used for fee-earning work.


You could be wasting a lot of time chasing up customers or third parties, potentially resulting in less fee-earning work. Instead, you could keep your active projects moving without sending all of the follow-up emails yourself. 

By effectively using your project management software through defining workflows and triggers, you can automate the process of sending prompts to customers and stakeholders on your project. 

You can also include escalations into your project management software, so it alerts you if a response hasn’t been received within a set amount of days. In that case, you can go ahead and contact the customer directly.

This, in turn, can add value to your firm by eliminating unnecessary processes that could be done for you. 

Automating documentation

Another time waster that tends to stop surveyors from reaching their full potential is the requirement to create fresh documents for each project. This includes proposals, heads of terms and written surveys. 

When documents are standardised, it reduces the time it takes to complete all of the work. An effective project management system will be able to automate the creation of documents and even dynamically populate them with the information that is sorted within the platform. 

Monitoring project efficiency

We all desire to know how productive we can be and also how much we can deliver. Your management software should allow you to keep track of your effectiveness and efficiency, not just for your projects but for your surveyors as well.

With the ability to assign costs and time to projects, you will be able to understand which surveyors are more efficient or even if they are delivering more cost-effective projects. This can help to pinpoint how and where you can improve your team. 

Systemising processes

Every survey will have a different process that needs to be followed. Some may be straightforward, and transactions, whilst others may be more complex and dragged out. Regardless of the type of survey, they can all be broken out into repeatable processes. 

Putting these processes for delivering a survey into a system will remove the element of human error by taking out the manual actions and including mandatory sections for surveys to be successfully completed. 

Think about the frequency in which you need to double-check what you have done to ensure that all the relevant information has been included. If your management system doesn’t allow you to create a report with relevant information missing, you will increase your chances of having your reports correct the first time. 

Maximising potential earnings 

All chartered surveyors need to maximise their availability to work on projects that produce money for their business. This means reducing admin tasks and the time spent on each project. 

You can use a project management software to turn your on-site notes into reports simply by automating your documentation creation. The same can be said about all documents throughout the process. 

This also applies to communication as well. Think about how much time you lose by chasing customers of third parties for updates and information. You can automate your communications to make the most of your time making money and not chasing after loose ends. 

Performance review

Being able to review your performance is as relevant to surveyors as it is in any other industry. It’s essential to your business and productivity levels that you understand your figures and also be able to monitor your key information. 

It’s as relevant to surveyors as any other organisation. It’s vital that you understand your figures and monitor the information that is important to your performance. The ability to track the time you spend on surveys will help you understand your profitability and structure your pricing accordingly. 

Keeping a close eye on the numbers will help you forecast your workload, which can help you manage your cash flow. With the understanding of the time it takes to complete your different surveys, you’ll be able to track your work accurately. 

Improved customer service

As your demand increases, the expectation of your customers will also increase. Each job will have a deadline; if that deadline is missed, it can be catastrophic for your company’s reputation. 

With the help of a robust process, you can keep on top of deadlines and ensure that you exceed customer expectations. This is possible with automated email updates, document creation automation, and managing your resources effectively. 

Unlock your potential

Be able to unlock your potential with the right project management system. Use forward-thinking software to help you manage your business and help your surveyors reach their full potential by allowing them to focus on fee-earning services and not on manual admin.