How much does it cost to move to a 3 bedroom house in Dubai?


Do you plan to move to Dubai? How much does the move cost in Dubai? The cost of moving to Dubai is based on the size of your belongings and some other factors. The experts at Saba Movers LLC analyze the cost of a 3-bedroom house in Dubai.

What factors affect the move cost in Dubai

The local movers in Dubai, Saba Movers LLC, take the following factors into account and calculate the cost of your move.

  1. Size of your belongings

The big size of your belongings, the cost of move differs. If you have big belongings to move from Dubai to another area of Dubai, then you should pay the high move cost to the movers.

  1. The distance to a new location

The more the distance you move your goods, the high move cost you should pay. You can pay the lowest cost to movers if you move your goods within the same building in which you live.

  1. Levels of services offered by movers

The Saba Movers LLC in Dubai may cost high charges from their clients because they give premium services. Once you hire reputed house movers in Dubai, you do not need to worry about losses, damages, hassles, delays, or hidden charges. The best thing is that movers in Dubai are affiliated with insurance companies and permit you to get insurance. So if you choose this type of moving company that is affiliated with the insurance provider, then you should pay a high cost to them.

  1. Moving day

The movers charge high from them on their busy days. It comes to know that residents of Dubai are moving during weekends, and Saturday is a popular day. So, on these moving days, the local movers in Dubai charge a high cost.

  1. Storage

If you want to keep your goods stored for some time before reaching the destination, then also you need to pay extra charges to movers in Dubai. Rented storage space on a long-term or temporary basis costs high by movers. Based on your need, preferences, and budget, you can get self-storage or shared storage facilities from house movers in Dubai. Keep in your mind to avoid storage services from movers, if you do not need

  1. Additional charges

There are extra charges sometimes if movers and packers are required to climb stairs or use extra quality materials for soft materials like paintings. You may also need to pay an extra amount if you want to move heavy items to Dubai.

Moving cost in Dubai

The moving cost differs in Dubai according to the following aspects

  • One-bedroom house- AED 1100-1500
  • Two-bedroom house- AED 1800-2400
  • Three-bedroom house – AED 4000-5000

It is suggested to get multiple quotes from different movers and packers in Dubai and choose the best movers that give you affordable moving services. Saba Movers LLC is the best movers in Dubai that provide you with quality services within your budget.

How to reduce moving cost

As we tell you, the main factors that affect the move cost are the size of the goods that you want to move, so you should try decluttering. You can also consider other options, like selling, donating, and getting rid of things you do not use. Doing such things helps you to reduce the moving cost and save your money. Another best way to cut down the cost of the move is to contact multiple movers, get quotes from various moving companies, and hire affordable and reputed movers.

Getting one quote from single movers or choosing them instantly is never suggested. It would be best if you did the complete research, reviewed the mover companies, and then made an informed decision. Saba Movers LLC is trusted local movers in Dubai that has been working in the moving industry for many years and have proven records and gives you quality moving solutions in your range.

What include in moving services

When you take a quote from the movers, they carry the survey to your house from where you want to start the move of your belongings. On a moving day, they dissemble your goods and pack all goods properly and ensure safety at the same time. The team of experts at saba movers LLC prefers to move your goods in Dubai on track. After reach to your new house, the movers reassemble your goods and unpack everything. The best thing is that they move all your goods to the state in which they start moving to Dubai.

How much time do moving services take

According to experts, it is determined that the move of a three-bedroom house in Dubai takes 2-3 days. So, plan your move accordingly to get a fast move by local movers in Al barsha at Saba movers LLC.