How important is AC servicing to keep AC in perfect condition


Every year, beginning of the summer season, people look for options to air condition services. To ensure that your best friend in summer season is giving you what you need, servicing is the key. When it works to provide us soothing breeze, it also collects the dirt and dust from outside. The air conditioner is not equipped with a smartness that cleans this dirt automatically. Here the air condition services come into play that makes your hassle free.

Thinking of why you should consider servicing your AC

Skipping the regular air condition services might result to certain serious issues leading to major repair of your units. Keeping your unit functioning, consider taking professional help periodically and here are the top benefits you will get by doing this.

  • Saving money is one of the primary benefits you will get by investing small amount in professional AC servicing at a regular interval. The right servicing after every six months gives you better value for money.
  • Keeping your family safe is surely your prime focus specially the elderly or sensitive members. By following the air condition services routine, you are eventually ensuring good health and clean air for them.
  • Lengthening the lifespan of your machine is always wise decision. Giving occasional extra care to your machine will definitely increase its lifespan.

You can save a lot on your electricity bills when you have the right air conditioning service:

Ever wondered about your high electricity bills and analyzed why it is becoming uncontrollable. Poorly maintained AC can be one of the contributors to it.

Apart from moderate electricity bill, well-maintained AC through regular air condition services will also save you from spending money on expensive replacements. By doing regular checkups, you can keep your unit happy and healthy for years.

With the rising temperature of earth, all of us are worried about the global warming. You can contribute towards safer place to live by reducing release of harmful gases. Bad quality and old refrigerant do not enable a steady supply of filtered air.

What is the right frequency to service your AC?

To ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly, even on the hottest day of the season, you should opt for air condition services twice in every year. During the fall and spring season, you need to take help of professional air conditioner technician and your normal care of the device will give you the right comfort. However, few usual care of AC can help you keep to your device efficient.

How to keep your AC efficient throughout the year?

Though you are servicing your AC twice every year, few steps would definitely help to enhance its performance.

  • Air filter replacement becomes mandatory after every 90 days if you have pets, kids or patients to take care of. This is that part of the AC, which collects the dust and dirt from the air. In return, air filter ensures that you get cool and clean air.
  • Vent cleaning is the most underrated task when it comes to maintenance of AC. This is another important cleaning task, which needs your attention after every 90 days. The procedure to clean vents is quite simple and it will need a piece of soft cloth to wipe residues of air. Cleaning process of vents will ensure that there are no allergens and other dust particles that can give any kind of health problem to you or to the family members.

Are you Familiar with the term AC winterization?

AC winterization will help you to decrease the chance of threat of rusting and part damages caused due to weather. Including few simple steps to periodic AC maintenance can mitigate these risks. You can choose from how the air conditioning system enables a steady supply of cool air during the summers. During the monsoons, you have to careful about water accumulation in the outdoor unit and save the ac machine from any short circuit. And you should also check that there is no snow accumulation inside the outdoor units during the winter months.

Outdoor unit of your AC tends to have external debris and cleaning that unit with jet water spray will definitely optimize AC performance. After rinsing this unit, you should let the unit dry before start using.