How do Bedside Alarm Clocks Help Us to Sleep Better?

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Bedside alarm clocks are pretty common in most houses, especially if you have children. For many years, alarm clocks are helping us to wake up in the morning. It is a known fact.

But what many people don’t know is that bedside alarm clocks have a much more important role than waking us up in the morning. Alarm clocks help us to manage our daily life better.

For those people who rely on smartphones and technologies in the morning, it is time to switch to an alarm clock. Why you may ask?

Let’s learn today!

Role of a bedside alarm clock

Technology is so integrated with our daily lives that it is impossible to think beyond it. Alarm clocks are also a part of innovation and technological advancement.

However, from the morning onwards we are clobbered with technology. Our laptops, smartphones, coffee makers, fitness trackers—it is endless.

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With jobs, school and loads of responsibilities, waking up on time is very essential to ensure that the rest of the day remains productive. Alarm clocks help to solve that issue. The utility is undeniable.

We use smartphones to text, call, message, browse the internet and do lots of other tasks. Using an alarm clock gives us a break from the constant need for smartphones. Using your smartphone as an alarm is unnecessary and also detrimental to your health.

Doctors say that keeping your phone away from you at night helps to heal your body. The constant radiation from cell towers affects your cells. It also influences your sleep cycle which we will discuss later in this article.

A cheap alarm clock is a much better option for your overall health.

Benefits of a bedside alarm clock

Other than helping us to wake up on time, alarm clocks have several other benefits.

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Deals with sleeping issues

Sleepless nights can take a toll on your health and productivity. It ruins the overall quality of life.

According to sleep specialists, one of the main reasons why people have trouble sleeping at night is the overuse of smartphones. Think about it. The last thing you do before sleeping is going through your phone. This is also the first thing that you touch waking up.

Instead of your phone, if you use an alarm clock, you can put the device away. Keeping your bedside alarm clock instead of your phone while sleeping will reduce your screen time. This will improve your sleep cycle and you will feel well-rested in the morning.

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Helps to manage your time

Time management is very crucial when you are an adult. If you have kids and an office, staying on society’s time is essential for your work to run smoothly.

Waking up on time is a harsh reality that we must abide by to get through the day. Without alarms, you might oversleep, disturbing your whole routine of the day.

Makes your kids responsible

If you have kids, waking them on time is a basic discipline they need to learn. Otherwise, they will face huge issues growing up. So, try to invest in a cheap alarm clock for your kids. It makes them independent and responsible.

A smartphone would never do that. A smartphone may encourage their screentime which isn’t good for anyone.

Reducing exposure to blue lights

Blue light exposure from devices can impact your health negatively. Blue light exposure affects your melatonin production disrupting your sleep cycle.

Excess smartphone usage can also induce stress before sleep. It tricks your brain to think that it is time to remain awake. This is why doctors always suggest turning off your phones at night. Alarm clocks prevent you from further exposure to blue lights.

Normalising sleep schedules

Waking up around the same time is beneficial for your internal biological clock. It makes your brain function in such a way that after a certain point at night, your brain will insist your body to sleep mode.

This normalises the sleep cycle. It also makes us consistent with our sleep patterns.

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