How Cantilever Racking Increases Warehouse Productivity?


Maximising warehouse productivity is a significant challenge warehouse managers and operators deal with constantly. Depending on business operations, the warehouse storage system available can affect or boost efficiency. Besides increasing storage capacity when installing industrial racking systems, another key consideration is how they optimise efficiency. 

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Compared to other racking storage solutions, cantilever racks are highly compatible with long, odd-shaped, bulky goods requiring more storage space. These racks feature only three main components: base supports, supporting beams behind the racks and extending arms. With such a simple construction, this storage system can increase productivity in the following ways.

  • Allows Easy Storage of Bulky Items

The arms on cantilever racks act as holding bays for goods and are adjustable according to storage needs. A stronger base holds single or double-sided racks for more SKUs in one unit. Such storage is effective for holding long items like pipes, timber and iron sheets that consume a lot of floor space. In addition, by optimising the vertical space, they streamline warehouse activities by leaving more room for employees and machinery to move easily.

  • Visibility of Inventory for Easy Retrieval

Cantilever racking systems protrude from the base and lack support beams giving them an open storage design. They give unobstructed and clear visibility of the merchandise in a store. As a result, managers and employees effortlessly locate items to offload within minutes. In addition, it allows the loading and retrieval of goods with minimal errors.

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  • Flexible Rack Configurations

Since cantilever racks are for holding bulky goods, they are flexible enough to hold specific goods in the warehouse. For example, there are different arm designs for holding flat items and those that can roll. So, a flat arm is more practical for storing iron sheets, lumber or furniture. Alternatively, tilting arms effectively secure cylindrical items like pipes or logs from rolling over during storage. In addition, the rack configuration is also compatible with various safety accessories like end caps, safety rails, etc.

  • Promotes Smooth Running of Activities in the Aisles

Cantilever racks optimise workflow in the aisles by maximising the available floor space. These racks have multiple vertical levels, creating more storage space in one unit. Since the items are bulky, this configuration leaves more room for heavy equipment loading and unloading products. As a result, warehouses maintain their storage capacities while allowing an easy flow of machinery and employees on the floor space.

  • Improves Workplace Safety Standard

A safe warehouse maximises the productivity of the employees. Cantilever racks seamlessly accommodate long items, preventing them from protruding into the floor space. In addition, the wider aisles allow handling equipment to move freely without colliding with the structure since there are no cross beams. So, operators easily load and unload items from higher racks since the items are visible. Lastly, other employees remain safe from physical injuries considering inventory will not roll or fall.

Out of the many racking systems available nowadays, the cantilever racking system is a worthwhile investment for increasing storage space while prioritising efficiency. It creates a reliable storage solution for odd-shaped goods and products that are flat and wide. The arms are also adjustable to fit any warehouse configuration without consuming more floor space. In addition, cantilever rack manufacturers are always available to assist warehouses in finding customisable solutions for their storage needs.