How Can Your Life Change with Weight Loss Surgery?

How Can Your Life Change with Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric sleeve is a purely restrictive bariatric surgical procedure which these days has become more and more popular among the surgeons and the patients.  If you want to go through this procedure for weight loss, you may need to understand the post-operative course for better outcome. This surgery is a lot more than just simply going under the knife. While this weight loss surgery can be very effective, the quality of the result will depend on how you prepare yourself for the post-op period. This article will tell you about what to expect after you undergo gastric sleeve surgery and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Recovery from Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Recovery from this surgery is smooth for the most but few might experience some difficulties like pain, nausea and occasional vomiting. Every individual is different and therefore the recovery period is different for all. All the post-operative instructions are usually explained in detail by the Bariatric Nurse and Bariatric Surgeon in the pre-operative counselling sessions as well as after admission.

This bariatric surgery can bring a lot of changes in the way you eat, what you eat, and other habits. The Bariatric Dietician explains them in detail before and after the procedure on several occasions. When you know what to expect, it puts you into a better frame of mind to cope up with the new environment. 

What to expect after Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 

After your weight loss surgery, you might be staying at the hospital overnight or may be 2 depending on your clinical status and recovery. Your abdomen might feel sore and swollen and you will be provided with medications to reduce the pain. Also, your surgeon will monitor your blood pressure, breathing, etc. to observe the clinical condition and to avoid potential complications after the surgery. You will be receiving detailed instructions on dos and don’ts from time to time by the Bariatric Dietician. 

Things to do after Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

  1. Follow the Instructions:

Right after the surgery, your body will need time to heal and during that you must follow the dietary as well as the medical instructions giver by the Bariatric surgeon. Give yourself time to heal and take things slowly. If you feel any kind of psychological distress or mood fluctuations, consult your surgeon as most of it will go away after some time. 

  1. Stick to new eating plan 

For about 30 days or the first 4 weeks after bariatric surgery, you will need to follow a new eating plan to allow yourself to heal properly. You might need to consume only liquids during the first week or so after the surgery. Then slowly, over weeks you will be transitioning from liquid-only to soft foods and then gradually to solid foods. Starting solid foods too soon can cause complications.

Keep your food intake and the number of calories you consume as has been recommended by your surgeon. Eat slowly in small quantities, chew your food thoroughly before swallowing, and drink something only 30 minutes after you have eaten. There is always a Bariatric Dietician who can help you to choose the right food according to your eating habits. 

  1. Create an active daily routine 

Before you start doing any exercises, ask our surgeon about it. Proper exercising will help you lose weight and reduce the fat percentage in your body. It will also make it easier to make adjustments in lifestyle after the weight loss surgery and make you feel more energetic.

  1. Add vitamins and supplements to your diet

You will be needing additional nutrients other than what your body will already be absorbing naturally after the surgery. For that, your surgeon will recommend vitamins and supplements that you can take. 

  1. Don’t miss the follow-up appointments with your surgeon 

After the surgery, you will need further assistance and guidance from your doctor. Thus, you need to get the follow-up appointments with your doctor to make sure that you are recovering well enough after the bariatric surgery. It will give you peace of mind and keep you in a better shape.

You can ask your doctor the questions about our recovery, diet plan, eating habits, workouts, the psychological impact of the surgery, etc. 

Weight Loss 

Usually, people lose about 60% of their excess weight between 12 to 18 months after weight loss surgery. It can differ from person to person and you can reduce more weight by exercising regularly and eating right. 

Also, keep in mind that your body might not accept certain foods you used to eat. Some people might even develop nutrition-based complications after Gastric Sleeve surgery and hence, they might have to take vitamins and supplements for a very long time. Just ask your doctor if you have any problems.