How app development can help small business


Companies that have the foresight to adopt this marketing channel early demonstrate their ability to understand where their customers are and interact with them effectively. The shift to mobile isn’t new, but the opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to embrace such a marketing channel is real. Core Mobile Apps carries out a digital audit for you to guarantee an effective transformation whatever your business.

So how can a mobile app help your business?

How can a mobile app increase sales?

The mobile application may include different types of loyalty programs. Each program is designed to keep your customers coming back more often and spending more when they do. Rewards can be used in multiple ways, including with multiple tiers of rewards, which incentivizes your customers to progress through tiers, providing additional benefits for high performers. There is also an interest in gaming or =, prizes can be awarded to winning customers, and the ability to reward your customers for predefined actions – such as sharing an image, sponsorship, a photo or quiz contest or notification – this helps you improve your profitability. All companies can / must have a mobile application or a PWA (Progressive Web App) to boost their business:

Mobile app for customers

Mobile app for employees

Mobile app for partners

Mobile application for service providers

Mobile app for sales reps

Mobile application for management/direction

The mobile application: a tool for the company but with real added value for the customer and a real use

How does a mobile app create loyal customers?

This is one of the most important things a business should focus on. Customers are the engine of all businesses. Successful companies know this and make it a priority to retain their customers and make them brand ambassadors. Mobile apps are among the best ways to communicate and engage with customers. The app gives your customers the ability to interact with your business on their schedule.

Push notifications have open rates that can reach over 90%. Compare that to email for example and you can see how the mobile app will become the best way for you to connect with your customers. With a sponsorship program, you can encourage your customers to make you known, to become an ambassador for your company and to increase the virility of your communication.

Small businesses can now benefit from all the features of a large company’s mobile strategy thanks to efficient management of mobile projects and cross-platform mobile development in React Native for example or Flutter.