Home Textiles Market Size, Industry Share | Forecast 2030

home textiles market
home textiles market

The Fairfield Market Research recently reported that the global home textiles market exhibited a substantial worth of approximately US$135 billion in 2022. In the wake of significant changes within the textiles industry, especially in light of the pandemic’s impact during 2020-2021, the home textiles sector has emerged as a stabilizing force with promising growth potential. Currently, home textiles constitute more than 12% of the overall textile and apparel exports, while wholesale home textiles make up around 8-10% of the entire textile industry.

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Key Report Findings

According to a comprehensive report, the home textiles market is projected to achieve a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 5.8% from 2023 to 2030. This growth trajectory is underpinned by the unprecedented expansion of the housing sector, particularly in rapidly developing Asian markets. Notably, bed textiles have exhibited notably high sales within the global home textiles industry. Geographically, North America and Europe jointly account for over 60% of the market’s value.

China, India, Turkey, and Pakistan remain pivotal exporters of home textiles to North America and Europe. The strengthening e-commerce landscape is also anticipated to play a pivotal role in the market’s growth.

Driving Factors

Expansion of the Housing Sector: A surge in new housing projects and home renovations will continue to drive the consumption of home textiles. A wide array of product categories, including furnishing fabrics, rugs, bedspreads, cushions, bath linen, curtains, and more, contribute to sustained sales.

Increasing Consumer Affluence: The rising affluence and improved standard of living, especially in fast-developing Asian nations, are propelling demand for lifestyle products like home furnishings, bolstering the home textiles market.

Urban Consumers’ Fashion Sensitivity: Urban consumers’ heightened fashion awareness has spurred innovations in home furnishings and d├ęcor. The demand for digitally printed home textiles, particularly in developing regions, is a notable trend driving the market’s growth.

Overview of Key Segments

Sales within the bed textiles segment, encompassing bed linen, bedspreads, mattresses, and related items, have been particularly robust. Additionally, bath textiles are expected to exhibit strong sales, driven by adoption in housing and hospitality sectors. Notable sub-segments include curtains and floor coverings. Distribution channels encompass offline, online, and direct sales, with online sales playing a significant role in market expansion.

Notable Market Trends

A key trend involves the increasing popularity of sustainable materials and nonwovens. Eco-friendly materials are expected to shape the market, with cotton continuing to be a preferred choice due to its absorbent qualities and comfort. However, opportunities are emerging for sustainable materials like bamboo, banana, and hemp fiber. Though sustainable materials come with premium pricing, brands are increasingly adopting them to align with sustainability goals.

Growth Opportunities Across Regions

Developed Western markets, mainly North America and Europe, account for a substantial portion of the market value. However, these markets heavily rely on imports from major Asian exporters such as China, India, Turkey, and Pakistan. Developing economies, including China, India, Indonesia, and South Korea, are expected to drive demand due to housing sector expansion and hygiene considerations post-pandemic.

Competition Overview

Key industry players include Welspun Group, Trident Group, Shanghai Mercury Home Textile Company, Indo Count Industries, YUYUE Home Textile Co., Ltd., and more. While consumer trends and spending influence market performance, smaller brands focus on improved customer service, whereas larger companies compete with a broad product range, volume purchasing, and effective marketing.

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