Home Genetic Test Can Sort your Family and Health Disputes


Home DNA test is getting more and more common among people. It is just for their curiosity to find the true relation between father and child. However, these home tests are not considered as a legal a paternity test for court. They are just an easy method to get clarity and peace of mind.

Majority of men are bearing the expenses of other’s children and are unaware of it. Mostly, a legal DNA test is done when parents are getting divorced and the father wants to know the true relationship with the child to decide custody. Or, children get legal tests before assets distribution after parents are deceased.

In all cases, home testing is invalid. The court admissible DNA test is authorized by the court. The court sends a legal notice, based on which the whole family undergoes a legal test in the lab, specified by the court. The report is confidential, which is handed to the court directly so that the report is not tampered by anyone.

A PaternityUSA legal paternity test provides a 100% accurate result. The prices are affordable and their results are widely accepted. Their lab is AABB accredited and they analyze 24 markers in the test, which is more accurate than the standard 16 genetic marker test. It is the most trusted lab in the USA, which performs a majority of legal paternity tests.

A legal DNA test will help you identify your true relationship with your parents or child. However, nowadays genetic test is much more in demand. In the home genetic test, the person not only finds the relation with parents, but is also able to unlock his or her future health conditions. Like a home DNA test, a home genetic test is equivalent. It is the same process of requesting a kit and collecting the sample in swabs before mailing to the lab. The results are authentic and with advanced technology, you can also find if you are at risk with specific diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.

DTC (Direct to Consumer) is a type of genetic screening test that also provides reliable information, but it is not as authentic as the test performed by the doctor. Genetic testing is good for a person, but researchers say that it can also bring tornadoes to life.


  • A golden chance to start treatment of a disease that is yet to trigger.
  • The genetic process is quick, private, and easy.
  • Helps in making changes to lifestyle (diets, exercise, and prohibiting smoking and alcohol).


  • Genetic alterations can also bring risks in jobs and insurance discrimination.
  • Testing positive in the genetic test will also result in several treatments and medical bills, along with stress and frustration.
  • The report may be inaccurate and may lead to unwanted stress.
  • Doesn’t provide answers about inherited family health conditions.

The FDA says that some of the home genetic tests lack scientific validity while some provide meaningful results. The tests may give you information about a developing disease, but these aren’t necessarily due to genes, they can be due to lifestyle and diet habits also.

Home genetic test is a personal decision that you don’t need to share with everyone. You can save yourself from unemployment threats and insurance claims. However, it is also not a legal paternity testing kit. It is a convenient test that gives peace of mind to people by giving information about ancestry, carrier status, familial traits, and health risks.