Holistic Sanctuary and Johnny Tabaie


If you’re interested in undergoing addiction treatment, you might be wondering about the Holistic Sanctuary and the famous Johnny the Healer. This article will discuss the Pouyan method, Ibogaine, stem cell therapy, and Johnny the Healer. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the different therapies available. And we’ll also look at the unique combination of features of Holistic Sanctuary that make it an exclusive hangout.

Johnny the Healer

It’s not a stretch to say that Johnny Tabaie the Healer is a self-taught holistic nutritionist and energy healer smile design. After researching the medicinal qualities of plants and developing his own unique treatment plan, Johnny came up with the Pouyan method, a holistic approach to treating depression, PTSD and drug addiction. In contrast to traditional doctors, Johnny doesn’t believe in the disease model but instead uses organic super foods and ancient sacred plants to cure the mind and body.

Pouyan method

The Pouyan Method is a proven drug rehab technique developed by renowned addiction counselor, Johnny Tabaie. It restores the brain to its pre-addictive state. Many of his clients have completely removed their dependency on prescription drugs onax Xanax, which is something that traditional drug rehab centers do not know. The program works for many different kinds of addiction, including alcoholism and anxiety. This method is based on natural elements, like yoga and meditation.


As a former drug addict, Johnny Tabaie knows firsthand how addictive and debilitating heroin can be. The treatment of addiction with this powerful plant helps to remove the underlying causes of the disease. Johnny Tabaie has personally suffered from addiction, having relapsed many times and overcoming addiction is his passion. This is one of the most important lessons learned from his experiences. If you are suffering from addiction, you must consider Ibogaine treatment as a viable option.

Stem cell therapy

For years, scientists have been looking at the use of stem cells in treating many different health problems. These cells have given scientists new hope in finding ways to cure many diseases, including cancer. Stem cells are also being studied for their potential to repair damaged knees and skin. To learn more about the use of stem cells in treating various conditions, read on! Fortunately, stem cell therapy is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are already experiencing the benefits.


Whether you suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, chances are you’ve wondered if Johnny Tabaie has PtsD. While many of us might see addiction as a chronic and incurable disease, Johnny has found a cure for PtsD. In this article, we’ll explore the treatment options for people like Johnny. In addition to his own story, we’ll learn about his journey to recovery.