Here’s What to Do If Your Car Keeps Pulling Towards One Side of the Road


Do you find yourself wresting the steering wheel to keep your car in between the lane lines? Does it often feel like your vehicle keeps veering towards one side? It’s evident that there’s some issue with your car. Moreover, such conditions can make the drive rather unsafe.  

However, it’s not exactly easy to identify the cause immediately. The reasons could be anything from improper tyre air pressure, to wheel misalignment, to a worn out suspension. The only way to correctly identify such issues would be to go to a reputed car service centre like Service My Car.  

With a bit of troubleshooting, you can start to identify potential causes by yourself. Read through our guide to narrow down possible causes of why your car might be misbehaving.  

Step 1: Try to correctly identify the issue  

So, the issue is that your car’s pulling to one side of the road. ­A good starting point here would be to identify the nature of the pull. Ask your questions like; what side of the road is your car pulling towards?  

Another question you could ask is if the car pulls to the side when accelerating or braking. You can start by pinpointing such details and providing all relevant information to your car technician. This, in turn, helps you narrow down the causes in a more effective manner.  

As a result, any top-quality car repair centre, such as Service My Car, can diagnose the issue quicker. 

Step 2: Check your tyre air pressure  

We’ve covered this before, but it’s always important to stress this. Especially in a region like the Middle East, your tyre air pressure is absolutely vital to influencing your driving experience.  

Having overinflated or underinflated tyres is one of the most common causes of steering misbehaviour. Since your tyres aren’t properly inflated, they won’t make contact with the road in an ideal manner. As a result, your car veers towards one side or the other, depending on the condition of the road.  

Moreover, having overinflated or underinflated tyres can pose more severe tyre issues down the road. You’re advised to get it fixed as soon as it’s identified. Sometimes, a simple inflation, or deflation, of air to the recommended amount can solve the problem.  

However, there are other instances where professional guidance is required. Get a complimentary tyre air pressure check with any service at Service My Car. If there are more severe issues, a comprehensive tyre check can be carried out to correctly identify the problem. 

Step 3: Check if your wheels are aligned properly 

If you’ve ensured that your tyres have the right amount of pressure, it’s probably got something to do with the alignment of your wheels. If it’s been a while since you last carried out a wheel alignment service, it’s best to get an opinion from a trusted mechanic. 

If you’re looking to get a wheel alignment service, then look no further than Service My Car. Our wheel alignment experts will make all necessary adjustments to your steering and suspension units during the wheel alignment.  

As a result, this will ensure that all adjustable angles adhere to your car manufacturer’s specifications. You get to drive a vehicle that’s smooth, steady, and one that doesn’t unnecessarily veer to one side of the road. 

Step 4: Get a comprehensive brake check performed 

If you’ve covered all the previously listed steps and still find yourself facing an issue, it’s best to get a thorough brake inspection performed. Sometimes, there might be an issue with your brake callipers, or you might be dealing with a restricted brake line.  

Whether it’s a serious or a relatively minor issue, anything to do with your brakes can be considered to be a severe safety hazard. If you think you might be facing such issues, get an instant quote for a car repair at Service My Car. 

Service My Car can take care of all your car-related issues 

Whether you require a wheel alignment, or a regular car service, we can do it all. If you face any issues with your car and can’t identify the source of the problem, simply get in touch with us. We offer a range of services, you can select according to your brand, requirements and location, Like: BMW Service, Mazda Service, Car wash, Wheel alignment and many more.

We’ll pick your car up and carry out a thorough inspection to determine what’s causing issues to your vehicle. You’ll also have a personal service advisor who’ll take you through the entire repair process, with service updates sent to your phone.  

Moreover, you can get the whole experience on your phone with the Service My Car app. Download the app and get started by booking a service or requesting an instant repair quote today.