Here Is a Lowdown on Ensuring Fleet Safety ELD Mandate

Smart Dashcam, ELD Mandate
Smart Dashcam, ELD Mandate

Safety is a crucial aspect of being a trucking business owner. There are a number of safety concerns that every driver should be aware of to stay on top of remaining safe at all times through their journey. Any compromise on fleet safety practices and one could be at the receiving end of a mishap.

Smart Dashcam, ELD Mandate
Smart Dashcam, ELD Mandate

This blog by the well-acclaimed ELD Mandate, known for our new-age trucking technologies that have contributed to the trucking industry in more ways than one, aims to give a lowdown on some safety tips in order for you to run your trucking business worry-free:

The driver is at the center of ensuring fleet safety due to their (crucial) role behind the wheel. Everything and everyone will seem to be alright when the person at the helm is exercising all the cautions.

Stay Focused: in no way can you (drivers) be distracted while on the road. Steer clear of phones, kids, billboards, scenery, etc. as you are driving on the highway. Loss of concentration even for a minute can have some grave repercussions for you and your owner. So stay laser-focused when on the road, and allow nothing and no one to distract you.

Avoid Fatigued Driving: this is one of the major reasons of highway accidents, especially in the context of long-haul drivers who keep on driving hours on end without any break. This must be avoided at all costs. It is important for drivers to take breaks for their much-required rest. So pull over to the side to get rested. Experts also recommend rotating driver duties.

This also highlights the importance of an ELD device for fleet owners. This will help drivers strike a good balance between work and rest. With the device in place, one is able to view real-time record of the time one has already driven and number of hours left before calling it a day. The real-time tracking will make the working environment much easier and safer for the driver.

Exercise Caution in Poor Conditions: this is a no-brainer. You should have the expertise of driving well and good in conditions, such as snow, rain and fog. It is always wise to pull off to a place of safety as you await the storm and wait for it to pass.

Vehicle Maintenance: this is one of the most crucial aspects of vehicle safety that unfortunately, often is ignored (not paid much heed to). There is nothing like making sure your vehicle undergoes maintenance at regular intervals. The importance of always staying updated on your brake work, tire rotations, tire pressure, headlight/taillight bulbs, oil changes and all fluids cannot be stressed enough.

Some other crucial tips for drivers include for them to always keep a tab on their speed (in no way should one exceed the speed limit or drive below the stipulated speed limit), having the seat belt on (it reduces the likelihood of someone getting injured by as much as 50 percent), and avoiding any danger arising from driving under the influence of alcohol.

ELD Mandate has been a pioneer in bringing to the forefront some cutting-edge trucking technologies that have proved to be a game changer for the trucking industry. Our technology solutions in the form of the Tail Light GPS Trackers, Smart Dash Cams, and more have revitalized the whole trucking industry.

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