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Share some HCIP-Datacom H12-821_V1.0 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following are the functions of the switching fabric board? (Multiple choice)
A. Responsible for the data plane of the system
B. Provide optical ports with different rates
C. Responsible for the control plane of the system
D. Switch traffic between service boards
Answer: AD

Which of the following are the necessary configurations of the firewall? (Multiple choice)
A. Modify the priority of the default security zone
B. Classify the port into the corresponding security zone
C. Configure security policies between zones
D. Configure the sysname of the firewall
Answer: BC

Which descriptions are correct about the IPv6 stateless auto-configuration of addresses through NDP? (Multiple choice)
A. In the process of stateless address configuration, except that DAD detection requires the exchange of NS and NA messages, other processes only need the participation of RA and RS messages
B. In the process of stateless address configuration, two DAD detections are used to detect whether the link-local address conflicts
C. In the RA message transmitted during the stateless address configuration process, the M-bit is set to 0
D. The premise that a device can configure an address statelessly is that both interacting devices have generated a link-local address.
Answer: ACD

NEICONF is a network configuration protocol based on ( ), and its purpose is to realize the automation of network configuration in a programmable way, thereby simplifying and accelerating the deployment of network services. (English abbreviation, all uppercase)
Answer: XML

There are two BFD detection modes. In ( ) mode, the local end sends BFD control packets at a certain sending interval, and the detection location is the remote end. The remote end detects whether the local end periodically sends BED control packets.
Answer: asynchronous

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