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Have you listened to the radio recently? What songs have you listened to recently?


I bet every household has a radio or device that plays music. Whether it’s a radio, an iPod or an MP3 player, every family has their own electronic device to listen to their favorite songs.

Music has become an integral part of human life. Different types of people can interact with different music to suit their tastes. It can be rock, rap, pop, country, blues, jazz, heavy metal, fusion, or even world music that people recognize just by listening and thinking about the lyrics.

Music is a great expression hidden in the human heart. This creates an environment that is important for mood swings. You get addicted to your favorite song and sometimes it takes you to the maximum emotional.

This creative development in music has taken the music business by storm.


Let’s take the example of artist Lady Gaga. He took the pop culture he did in his first fifteen months was surprising. With 8 million record sales, 6 Grammy nominations and the first artist in history to make four hits on debut album number 1, the 23-year-old is on track.

His music is considered unique, engaging and attractive to the audience. Electronic dance music surpasses record clubs! This makes a lot of celebrants come to have fun and dance.

Today, music is considered an art and it is usually scientific that it can cause the syndrome. We call it the last pagalworld mp3 syndrome.

According to the dictionary, last song syndrome means, “Listening to music before you leave the house, and the last song you hear before and after the trip in your head. It is usually accompanied by unconsciousness … Juice. ” †

In her songs, Lady Gaga creates a trap in people’s minds to make them feel hypnotic.

Similarly, when you create your sale copy, there is a theory about the latest song syndrome that we can use to create it. Below are some overviews: UNIQUE – make your sales copy unique! You don’t want to follow the same boring style that most people do today.

If you have a product you want to promote, make sure your message is designed to take your product to new heights.

FRESH- Stay fresh! Keep your customers up to date. Don’t just let it stay the same, but get better with a new flash of inspiration.

Longevity Survival in the market! Find new ways to convince your potential customers to use you! Don’t decide on one thing, find out what your customers want and stay with it! If you find that making sales copy continues, do it from the hip. If you find they like more formal things, be careful. No one wants to do what other people say, but when selling your products, it’s important to know what makes your customer happy. So look for the advantage that your sales copy is repeatedly playing on people’s minds, as well as the “last song syndrome”.

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