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Grant Development Services: About GDS

Grant Development Services (GDS), a division of Metasoft Systems Inc., is a team of skilled and experienced consultants, grant writers and researchers committed to helping clients realize their fundraising goals. GDS offers a portfolio of fundraising services and support to non-profit and charitable organizations throughout North America. GDS helps clients realize their fundraising objectives, addressing a critical shortage in organizational personnel, training or resources needed to successfully access funding.

GDS – Why Work with us

The clearest advantage to hiring a fundraising consulting group lies in cost savings and better stewardship of resources. The annual cost to contract for specialized fundraising services through Grant Development Services is approximately 30% less than maintaining an employee’s salary, overhead and benefits.

Beyond the direct expense, an in-house individual fundraiser is still only one individual. Working with a consulting group multiplies your fundraising advantage by drawing on the skills and experiences of an entire department of experts.

More significantly, the majority of entry-level development staff stay in their position 18 months or less, on average. This raises the costs for a non-profit to recruit, train and retain competent development staff on an ongoing basis.

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