Golf Bag Packing Tips (Plus Some Mistakes to Avoid)


Be honest, when’s the last time you really unpacked and uncluttered your golf bag to give it a true, thorough, deep cleaning?

Has it been a while? There’s probably some “stuff” in there that you just don’t need (not to mention some grass clippings and dried leaves) right?

Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

But when you do get around to unpacking and cleaning it, before you pack it back up, follow these bits of wisdom from people who have been there and done that.

Organize the Essentials
There are things you need in your golf bag, and things you don’t. Keeping them organized and in order is the key to access – which is all that matters when you need something.

If you forget you have it, it might as well not even be there at all.

Get all your gear together and organize it, then you can take inventory.

In general, you’ll need:

● Golf balls

● (Some shag balls, too)

● Tees

● Your rangefinder

● Towels

● Pencils and pens

● Paper or scorecards

● A glove

● A jacket

● Sunglasses

● An umbrella

● Golf ball markers

● Permanent markers

● Sunscreen, bug repellent, and a first-aid kit

These are some of the basic essentials you should carry in your golf bag. You may choose to carry more but in general, you can get by with this.

Organizing it all will show you where you have duplicates. You need some golf balls. You don’t need 10 sleeves. You don’t need old scorecards. You don’t need fifty-thousand pens and pencils.

Be wise about it, and get rid of what is in excess before packing it all back up and adding what you’re missing.

Know What the Pockets Are For
Before you pack your golf bag up again, take a look at the different pockets and make sure you use them wisely.

Some pockets are specially designed for a specific purpose. If you use your cooler pocket for golf balls, for instance, you’re wasting space.

Similarly, your bag may have a specific pocket for the rangefinder or for your valuables. You may as well make appropriate use of these.

You can bury the non-essentials, like towels, first-aid kits, and sunscreen, in the lower or interior pockets (if applicable). As for paper, writing implements, balls, and tees, you’ll want to have these as accessible as possible.

Understand the Divider Arrangement
Last but not least, understanding the shaft/club divider arrangement of your golf bag will help keep you from damaging your golf clubs, provided you load the bag properly.

The “right way to do it” depends on the bag, but generally, the main rule for loading your golf bag is this: load your bags with your longest to your shortest clubs, from top to bottom.

That is, unless, there is a dedicated putter well elsewhere. Keep your putter there.

Loading your bad like this, longest to shortest, will protect your shafts and can make access easier, as there won’t be shafts of varying lengths crammed into the same spaces as each other.

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