Going Bald? It’s Time To Chop That Scraggly Mop


Not all men are blessed with a mane as drool-worthy as Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt, neither their genes have any mercy upon them to allow a Harry style-esque transformation. That being said, baldness has affected many of us. Blame it on the genes or your father, but it will not bring back the lush and thick strands you once had. If you fall into this category then your pain is understandable. Days would pass and you will do everything to cover up what is already lost. But eventually, you will get tired of all this dramatic fiasco and take a head shaver and chop down those strands of anxiety.

Going bald and being a bald person are two different things. While one moans over his remaining hair, the other accepts and moves on with his life. Losing that scraggly last few strands would not only save you money but free you from years of mental trauma.

So, if you have decided to own it like a man, then it is time to look for a strong head shaver. In the next section, we will discuss the benefits of shaving your head, and how to find a good head shaver for men.

Shaving Your Head Has More To Offer Than You Imagine   

It is easy to decide to shave your head, but when it comes to actually doing it, most men get cold feet. Despite such initial hesitations, shaving your head is one of the most liberating processes. Once you do that, you are free. Free from all shackles of tensions and all chains of expensive hair products and lotions that had given you a temporary look for so long. Whether it is health conditions, male-patterned baldness, or looking for a new change, you shouldn’t ever wait to feel yourself, as the whole you. Shaving your head also means you only have to make a one-time investment, and that is a good head shaver. Unlike all expensive hair products, shaving will save your pocket from burning to ashes. And lastly, there’s a subtle connection between being bald and rapid progression in one’s career. Yes, that’s correct! Imagine finally shaving your head and getting off of all the years of pain and tension from your mind. Now with such a mind, it is only a while before you reach cloud nine.

What Makes A Good Head Shaver For Men And How To Choose One?

Expecting a good head shaver is a hard find. Nowadays there are many brands that offer head shavers with all the modern features. But what is a good head shaver? And how will you know whether or not it offers the comfort you want? As we delve deep into this, we will discover its top features, and discuss how to choose a good head shaver for men.

  • A top head shaver does the job within minutes and gives a baby-smooth head.
  • Shaving means cleaning up and having a kit, a good head shaver has both.
  • A good shaver offers both flexible portability and easy-to-use features.

Now as we come to the main part, finding a good head shaver is a tedious task, especially with all the brands out there. Some men prefer a full razor shave while other opts for electric shavers. But here, we are going to focus on electric shavers.

With some careful planning, a good electric shaver would not only get you your desired result but would save you money and time. Now choosing a head shaver can be confusing, but you should always be clear about what you want and choose a product accordingly that will suit your needs and expectations.

Here’s Something For You 

If you are still confused about which one to choose, then Groomie’s BaldiePro cordless head shaver is the best option. The BaldiePro head shaver comes with a full professional kit, including SmoothShave 5D rotary blade, preshave massager, 3-5-7mm clipper guards, and shavers for head, nose, arm, and ears. It is insanely fast and gives you a top-notch head shave in less than three minutes. Unlike other shavers, it has a 10,000 RPM motor, and a smart LED system with a long-lasting lithium battery making it an advanced head shaver.