Global Indian International School Bangalore – All You Need to Know

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Bangalore is one of India’s most rapidly expanding cities. Bangalore has seen an increase of foreign schools in recent years, thanks to the influx of individuals from all across India who have made this city their home. 

Apart from the native population, Bangalore, being India’s IT powerhouse, attracts a considerable number of NRIs and ex-pats. Many Indian citizens who wish to return to their homeland opt to live in Bangalore. As a result, a slew of foreign schools has established their branches in the city. 

The IB (International Baccalaureate), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education), CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), and other international boards are used by these institutions. 

When expatriates and NRIs relocate to Bangalore, they choose to enroll their children in foreign schools since they find them to be more accommodating. They encounter youngsters from other nations, as well as children from their own country.

High Schools in Bangalore

In India, high school, also known as senior secondary school, is for students in 11th and 12th grades who are preparing for their further education by taking central level examinations. With an outstanding teaching method and well-structured education framework, GIIS, the premier international high school, provides students with a firm foundation that will enable them to confidently face competitive tests and pursue higher studies of their choosing.

Curriculum Offered 

GIIS, a premier Bangalore international high school with a Central Board of Secondary Instruction (CBSE) accreditation, provides exceptional education and cutting-edge amenities. 

The CBSE curriculum at GIIS is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to teaching and learning, focusing on students’ physical, mental, intellectual, and personality development. With a well-balanced curriculum, students may find and develop their interests.

Expert teachers provide students with an enriching learning experience.The rigours of school are balanced by great learning platforms and course materials.Their campuses in Whitefield and Bannerghatta provide SMART facilities, a best-in-class co-educational atmosphere, and a comprehensive learning approach that is appropriate for today’s 21st-century education. 

The incorporation of GIIS’ 9 GEMS holistic pedagogy into the internationally recognized CBSE curriculum adds refinement and a firm foundation to students’ academic paths, hones important life skills and prepares them for admission to top institutions throughout the world.

9GEMS Holistic Educational Framework

GIIS is a premier international high school in Bangalore that focuses on education, creativity, physical, emotional, and skill development. The 9 GEMS comprehensive foundation is integrated throughout their outstanding curriculum. Academics, Sports, Innovation, Leadership, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Community Connect, and Universal Values are among the nine areas where this award-winning approach excels.

Learning in the Twenty-First Century

GIIS boasts a world-class high school campus with cutting-edge technology that allows pupils to explore digital learning platforms. Smartboards, internet connections, the newest technologies for classroom usage, access to age-appropriate learning platforms, and dedicated collaborative work areas help kids develop 21st-century learning abilities. 

These extraordinary abilities enable pupils to develop their digital skills and confront the difficulties of modern schooling with confidence. Their faculty is trained in new teaching approaches on a regular basis in order to provide students with a pleasant and productive learning environment.

Scholarships Offered by GIIS

Scholarships are given to students to recognize their academic achievements and educational programs. Scholarships are given to eligible and exceptional students, boosting their confidence and motivating them to do better each time. 

Scholarships also inspire other students to study hard and dedicate themselves to achieving one. Students and parents who are unable to meet the financial criteria of an international school but want the best for their child might benefit greatly from high school scholarships. In Bangalore’s foreign schools, there are primarily two types of scholarships available:

  1. Scholarships awarded on the basis of merit

This sort of scholarship is awarded based on a student’s merit or academic accomplishment. Before awarding a merit-based scholarship to any student, his or her academic record is taken into account. 

When it comes to financial aid, a number of international schools provide merit-based international scholarships to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and come from a financially disadvantaged background in order to reduce the number of students who dropout of school after the eighth grade and encourage them to complete their high school education.

  1. Scholarships based on sports

This award is solely for students who are athletes and/or have achieved something and demonstrated remarkable performance in sports at the state, national, or international level. Students who get a sports scholarship are able to pursue their studies while simultaneously representing their school in the sport of their choice. This sort of high school scholarship not only helps them fund their education at foreign schools, but it also allows them to pursue sports as a career while applying to colleges and universities.


You, like every other parent in the city, want your child to attend one of the top schools in Bangalore. You are aware that education does not take place just in classrooms. That’s why you want them to attend one of Bangalore’s best schools, where medals for sports and test scores are given out. 

You want them to go to one of those Bangalore schools where they can learn not just how to use a computer, but also how to paint with a canvas and a paintbrush. The main objective of the GIIS Bangalore school is to grow students into global citizens and system role models.