Gift ideas for photographers according to their disciplines


Each photographer will need a few basics to start in the world of photography but once the first steps are passed, different techniques experienced, he will easily slide into one or the other discipline to make it his specialty, his favorite discipline. To help you find the perfect gift to give to your photographer, the accessory that will allow him to excel in his favorite field, here is the selection of gift ideas made by the photo experts at the store.

How many times have you put a free photo prop in the back of a drawer so you never take it out? If you have gift ideas in mind, specific accessories that you want to appear under the tree, do not forget to leave little ideas for your family, like the Photo24 wish list, for example… Whether you are in love with wildlife or the vault of heaven, a past master in the art of portraiture or macro photography, I am willing to bet that your equipment is not yet completely complete. To inspire you further, we have gathered here the essentials of each discipline, gift ideas for all tastes and all budgets.

Gift ideas for each photographer according to his discipline

Accessories for the novice photographer

We all felt a bit lost at first… What filter? In RAW, why? I feel more comfortable in automatic mode…. To start off on a high and confident, here are some cool products meant to make our life as a novice photographer easier. Thanks to these little wonders, you will be able to quickly achieve satisfactory results and even perfect them. Accessories like the METi intervalometer remote control, an accessory that will allow you to control your camera without having to touch it. And it will allow you to apply more complex techniques like lightpainting or HDR!

Another must-have gift for the newbie photographer is a tripod, an accessory to use in almost any project that requires a minimum of stability like the bokeh effect, the silky effect on the water or the light trails produced by the headlights. cars. Not all tripods creat equality for one scene or another, you will need to consider load capacity, working height and the possibility of adding additional accessories.

Gift ideas for the nature photographer

One of those disciplines that makes you dream because the results are not always up to expectations and because it requires a good dose of patience and willpower in not always ideal conditions (your feet frozen in the snow, you wait for the little fox seen last night, when you didn’t have your device, of course). To put the odds in your favor, discover all the accessories that will allow you to achieve your dreams more easily without jeopardizing your health and that of your device. Starting with a protective waterproof case so you can get work done, even when the weather is bad, and without mistreating your equipment.

Gifts for the studio photographer

The photographer who specializes in studio photography has usually turned his passion into a living. To deliver results that are sure to please customers, he must be able to count on reliable and quality equipment that will allow him to develop his art in good shape. Here is a small selection of top quality products at very affordable prices. A good product is not necessarily overpriced… We first offer you a portable studio, yes, you read that right!

To adapt the light in real time and save time in post-production, there’s nothing like the Visico 5-in-1 reflector. You will be able to reflect the light to avoid unsightly shadows and use each color according to the occasions and the desired effects. You can also diffuse the main light to create different color temperatures. Lighting is a fundamental part of professional photography… Get the most out of your work now.

Gift ideas for the night photographer

Maybe we should start with a flash right? The flash of your camera and parfocal lens is insufficient and for night photography, it will be necessary to resort to additional lighting to bring out the scene in its smallest details. To illuminate a scene and details that you want to highlight, we recommend a flash widely appreciated by our customers, with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Accessories for the street photographer

Street photographers are experts in the art of waiting, sometimes for hours, stationed in one place, waiting for the perfect shot, the snapshot they’ve imagined. For these photographers speed and efficiency are two key concepts, so they will need accessories that help them work smoothly. Starting with a shoulder strap that allows you to grip the device in less time than it takes to say it.

Urban photographers never go out without their trusty backpack capable of carrying their full equipment while offering ultra comfortable transport. You are going to spend hours with your backpack on your back, it is definitely worth investing in a good companion to team up with, easy to carry…

Gift ideas for the social photographer

Looking for the perfect solution to carry your device for a wedding photoshoot? The strap is an accessory that will allow you to carry your device in three diferent ways: in the hand, around the neck or on the shoulder. You’ll have all the agility and freedom of movement you need for all your sessions, especially since it slides easily over your clothes so you can grab your camera and parfocal lens in seconds. Whether you are a wedding photographer, studio photographer, reporter or just a photo enthusiast, the strap will be perfect for you.

Accessories for filmmakers

All video enthusiasts know how crucial stability is to achieving professional achievements. Even the smallest detail can ruin an entire day’s work. Some stabilizers allow you to work without any vibration, however, they do not allow you to direct the action. Check for more here.

Gift ideas for the mobile photographer

Here is a new generation of photographers: mobile photographers. Our smartphones are always more innovative and surprising when it comes to taking photographs and videos and brands have understood this and for this reason, they compete in imagination to offer you completely exclusive accessories that will enhance the quality. of your work done on your smartphone.