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Get the Most Opulent Options for Natural Emerald Necklaces

Emeralds are one of the stones that the experts consider precious – the others are diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. It was considered the jewel of the royal or similarly affluent people – therefore, one can often hear the “the jewel of the kings” associated with this precious stone. Apart from being the sign of royalty, emeralds are considered to represent expression, far-sightedness, and intelligence. 

There are several famous emeralds worldwide, where the artists, collectors, and their commissioners have been awed by this jewel’s beautiful and vibrant green color. Often royalties presented this jewel as a sign of honor. It is tough to get a hold of the best qualities of emeralds. Still, the most famous online ornament resource can provide customers with the most exquisite natural emerald necklaces

Beautiful design and setting

The most experienced online jewel company knows about the popularity of this jewel, and they have superbly designed options of natural emerald necklaces in their collection to choose from. The total ensemble is beautiful to look at, and its appeal will compel the onlooker to turn back. It is an elegant piece with a timeless 14k Columbian emerald linked with a solid gold chain. The stone is prong-set horizontally with an open back, allowing light to fall through, giving it maximum shine. 

natural emerald necklaces
natural emerald necklaces

The emerald necklace is made with a dazzling solitaire gold pendant and is attached to a 16 “-18” modifiable 14K dense gold cable link chain. The necklaces are the perfect gift when you want to celebrate an event in your special one’s life – especially for May-born individuals. The entire ensemble is hand-made by the most proficient artisans of Los Angeles. The necklace is guaranteed to enhance the wearer’s appearance and beautify it significantly. 

Solid and pure-grade stones

The natural emerald necklaces provided by the most proficient jewel sellers online are the best in quality and grade. The chain has an emerald with a beautiful cut of the same name, or the customers can choose any mixed stone shape. The approximate dimensions of the stone stand at about 214 cubic units, and it weighs approximately 1.7 carats. The emerald is set on a solid 14K necklace; however, the customers can choose between Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold. It is artistically polished by the company’s skilled craftsmen to feature the optimum clarity and sheen. 

All the stones of these natural emerald necklaces are ethnically sourcedso you wouldn’t have to worry about the ethical and legal implications. These designs, stones, and finished products are certified and registered appropriately. 

Extensive after-sales services

The best online jewelry company has one of the most wholesome after-sales services in their market – previous customer reviews support it. They provide practical advice to maintain the emerald in the best condition. The company takes about three weeks to deliver the superbly-packed natural emerald necklaces to the customer without any delivery fee. If the clients somehow do not like it, they can return it within 30 days of delivery in the packed, unworn condition, and the company wouldn’t charge a restocking fee. 

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