Gangnam Shirt Room


Gangnam Shirt Room is a new event room system for customers who are tired of the same room salon and karaoke and do not know where to go. It is an advanced nightlife form of Gangnam nightlife like a room.

Gangnam Karaoke

Public Gangnam Karaoke is the most orthodox entertainment culture in Gangnam, and it is a one-pick for those who want to enjoy a high-quality drinking atmosphere and high-quality drinking rather than the janitor. Although the managers’ size is good, but the quality is low, and although it is being pushed by the newly created 강남 셔츠룸 and leggings room, it is still a business that has a place in Gangnam’s entertainment culture.

Authentic Ten Cafe

Authentic Tencafe among Gangnam rooms is a small Gangnam room sarong operated by the executives who used to work at Tenpro. Therefore, you can see managers of tenpro level, but usually it is difficult to see an ace at every establishment unless you are a vip level person who visits frequently.

Judae is on a similar level to cham-o, but it is usually operated in 5-6 rotations without coercion like cham-oh. However, in most cases, ace managers are often full, so it’s safe to say that it’s actually a bundled choice shop. Sister’s style is also a place where a calmer and more innocent style is preferred than that of Chow.


In the past, it was called “Hi-Jam-O” and referred to a type of business that operates in four rotations differently from TENPRO and Tencafe, but in fact, it is a large club-type establishment with about 30 to 40 rooms, and it is a Gangnam luxury room sarong that only offers bundled choices. You can see it. Usually the bundle choice is held for 2 hours and 30 minutes, and an additional cost increases for each additional hour,

Although the cost of full bundle is 2/1 cheaper than ten, as it is a high-class establishment among Gangnam room sarongs, the managers’ appearance and style are higher than those of other establishments. You can see them, and it is a business that is visited by many customers looking for older sisters who play well rather than Tenpro, where there are many customers who play young.

Gangnam Pool Salon

Full-Saron is a variant of the public room sarong that was created for customers who enjoy only cost performance as a business that provides services at a low price in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, including both 1st and 2nd cars . In particular, it is a business that you go to spend a hot time with your manager rather than a traditional room with alcohol and conversation, and the manager’s water quality is the lowest among Gangnam rooms because the manager’s job is difficult .

Gangnam Leggings Room’s unique business strategy

Gangnam Leggings Room’s business strategy is proven by the number 1 repeat visit rate from customers.

  • We provide customers with a drinking party without internal complaints through price freezing.
  • By introducing the leggings system and the greeting system, it satisfies the sexual mechanism of men and provides a friendly drinking party that seems to be dating.
  • From the room to the tableware, it is always modern and stylish so that customers do not feel it is a waste of money with high quality.
  • In contrast to other companies that are expensive, untouchable, and have a bad mind, we provide the best service to our customers by hiring and training female managers who have both looks and mind through pressure interviews.
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