Best free email finder tools to find Email Addresses


Many data vendors provide data quality and coverage and include paid services and freemium service ones. If you want to know more about the best email client for Chromebook, click the link and look for yourself! We have compiled a detailed guide just for you. We have chosen five free popular email finding tools from all the available email finder tools:


1. is a flexible platform that provides:

  • email hunting
  • data scraping
  • lead generation service. 
  • Various plans with high-quality service by using blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods. 

Its freemium plan service provides the user with 50 email addresses per month. When you go to companies search after selecting companies, you need to save them into your list. Then go to the prospects list, choose email, and add them to your appropriate list for further use. 

All emails collected through the chrome extension will be stored on the prospects page of your account. You can use its tools like email finder and email tracker alone, or the whole company can use it on a single account.


2. RocketReach: 

Rocketreach use will get information in a single search of 50+ sites and result in information that will show:

  • personal and professional email address
  • phone number
  • social media accounts, and more. 

They have a chrome extension that can extract email addresses from LinkedIn, Google, etc. It is one of the best tools of 2021. 

Rocketreach basic free plan offers three to five lookups per month for free. Once you are on the prospect’s site, click on the plug-in of Rocketreach, and you will get a drop-down list of the company’s employees, and you can add email addresses to the Rocketreach list. Thus it is easy to use tools to grow easily.


3. Leadmine: 

With Leadmine, you can search for your targeted company and people. Leadmine generates leads by providing 95% accuracy and 200 million contacts with less than expected time with updated datasets. 

With its verified deliverability of any email address. You can find prospects’ email addresses with a highly focused search as it also includes:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Industry
  • The company, and more. 

Whatever leads are qualified to your expectations, you can save them to your list with a single click. It’s a free plan that provides ten credits per month.


4. VoilaNorbert: 

We have one more of the best email-finding tools of recent times. VoilaNorbert is an excellent platform. It is one of those smart technologies that helps find a new email address and verify every email. It has a massive database against which it checks all requests. When you use this email lookup tool, it will take only a name and the company’s domain name. 

It also integrates with the tools that you already use. It can search for anyone’s email address as it claims it can find any corporate email and verify it. It has 50 free lead searches that it provides in its free plan. One can also automate email verification and enrich it into applications and websites.


Disadvantages of not using any email finder tool:

You have to search the whole Google by typing all relatable information like name, location, company, and more. Even after doing so, it is not confirmed that you will get the results, and the mail server returns an unknown status code. The email format is valid, but not sure if the email is valid or invalid, and many such disadvantages.